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Unethical Usage of Mobile Phone

Updated on August 5, 2015

Watched a movie today. the storyline inspired me to write this hub.

" A simple family in a small village, parents with two teenage daughters. The family was not influenced by the technology development. They have normal and simple mobile phone for communication purposes only.

One day the eldest went on a school trip, A 'Spoiled Rich Kit' recorded a video of the girl in shower. The boy traveled all the way to the tiny village to blackmail young girl into immoral activity. As a very homely kid, her change was noticed by the mother ...

Exploring into this topic, there were lot of information that went unnoticed in my life. Probably many people like me who are ignorant of the fact.

Technology advances in a very fast phase. Especially our telecommunication technology which has come a long way from only a communication device to a 'media' that combines multiple features like radio and camera that can hook up to the Internet networking system.

The Right Behavior

User has to have some moral in the usage all the application especially on recording pictures, videos or even sounds. This applications are installed in this equipment for the enjoyment of the gadget but instead it is misused to harm others.

It is not necessary for a law a to be implemented on this but instead the society especially parents and friends have to guide the user on the correct usage of this gadget.

  1. to be used for essential calls
  2. For educational purposes
  3. To keep up to date with technology advancement


This happens when someone is targeted, the victim is harassed using the technology as a tool. Messages, images or videos of the victim is sent out to others just to embarrass and humiliate them.

When even adults can not take embarrassment, children feel worst , some of the stress felt by children is discussed in further in my hub Children and Stress.

Only people who have gone through this can actually share their thoughts and feeling in detail and here is Amanda Michelle Todd who shared her story with the world before committing suicide


This is a new term I learned while writing this hub. There is a law against sex crime on the mobile phones.

According to an article LAWS ( "the term now refers to the distribution of these messages and images through any electronic means such as email, instant messaging and social networking "

CNN reports that "Sexting lands teenagers into Sex Offenders List"

Phillip Alpert found out the hard way. He had just turned 18 when he sent a naked photo of his 16-year-old girlfriend, a photo she had taken and sent him, to dozens of her friends and family after an argument. The high school sweethearts had been dating for almost 2½ years. "It was a stupid thing I did because I was upset and tired and it was the middle of the night and I was an immature kid," says Alpert.



Another term I learned, which means coercion to extort sexual favors (as defined by Wikipedia). It is similar to sexual blackmail. As the story in the movie, the boy used the image he captured illegally to extort sexual favors. He blackmailed her that the image will be sent out via sexting.

Many fall prey to this because they try to hide the information that is being held by the criminal. They have the power over the victim and can push them to do any favors. Some even go to the extend of grooming the victim to be shared with clients and friends

Although sexual favors seem to be more prominent, there are other favors involving decision making like obtaining a contract. It is almost same as bribing someone to get things done their way. .

Human Trafficking

I did not know how this was related at all to cyber crime, until i read many articles where it was exposed that the young teenagers and adults are scammed into believing they were a participant of something great and they move on living their current life.

Previously i only assumed human trafficking in cases such as labor trafficking or illegal immigrants. There are incidents of trafficking involving sexual activities.

Now in recent technology age, the telecommunication technology is used for a more organized activity. There are many predators in the cyber world, they target on people based on their profile and updates in the social network.

"If you are convicted of any sex offense or criminal charge designated as sexual in nature, you will be required to register as a sex offender, and be part of a national database."


Victim of Sexting and Sextortion

What happens to the victim ?? Most of them never expected this to happen to them but once it happens they have got no where to run or hide. They feel

  1. shamed
  2. embarrassed
  3. ashamed
  4. depressed
  5. suicidal

Prior to being a victim, the target feels exited that someone make them feel good, that they decide to go further into providing images or videos of a very sensitive contend. some of them feel loved and lucky with the predators that they share everything with them. The predators are good at sweet talking and influencing this innocent young adults.

An Epidemic

Sexting and Sextortion has become and epidemic. Teenagers and Young Adults who have yet to understand their impossible to control hormones can easily be influenced to participate in the act.

They are not able to understand the implication or the law that presides them, all they know is that this is a 'trend'. Even some impact of 'Celebrity Culture' that they are exposed too makes them be a part of the epidemic.

Beating this epidemic totally lies in the hands of parents, family, educators and lawmakers. it is an uphill task, looking at the speed this epidemic is spreading.

How to Protect .... ?

Parents and family members play a major role in this protecting the young adults. Next to them would be the teachers, who have to be alert on all the activities happening in school.

  1. Adults have to keep up to date with the technology and be part of the groups that our children join. We do not have to be an active participant but a silent observer where the tide is flowing.
  2. Openly communicate with the children
  3. Parents have to be very straight because their child could be the 'Doer' at times, they have to acknowledge this and do up necessary actions to educate them. Show them the effects of their activity to others. Relate some incidents to their own family ... How if your sister .. ?? How if you mother .. ?? My personal view is no lectures but recreate the situation at home ..
  4. Parents or Teachers have to be alert on the behavioral change of this young people
  5. Parents should be gentle and soft in handling all situation, do not be too harsh or scold the child for at this time they are very emotional and could end up making wrong decisions.
  6. Some of our reaction like removing the mobile phone from a child who is a victim can be like punishing them for being victim., instead we can get them a new number. Same goes for social accounts like Facebook or twitter, close all the old account and encourage the child to start over with new account and be selective of their friends. Punishing and Isolating them would be bad as they will feel punished.
  7. Friends who know what their friend (the victim) is going through please do communicate with teachers or family of the victim so that the adult can take action on the matter.


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    • esja profile image


      3 years ago from South Africa

      Good that you spelled it out.


    • meenagupta686 profile image

      Meena Gupta 

      3 years ago from delhi

      nowadays this is common to have mobile in pocket to every student. Right know many of student misuse that as always.


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