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Which Devices are Netflix Blu-Ray Players?

Updated on September 27, 2011

Find a Blu-Ray Player That Provides Access to Your Netflix Movies on TV

For the millions of people who love their Netflix movies, there are a number of affordable Netflix players and TV sets that can make streaming those movies to your teleivision easy. One option of course, is to get an internet connected Netflix Blu-Ray player.

Of course these Blu-Ray players do more than stream Netflix movies. They provide access to other online services like Amazon on Demand, Vudu, and more. They provide 1080p full HD viewing and some even accommodate 3D viewing as well. In many cases, these devices are capable of upscaling standard definition movies to give you a higher quality viewing experience.

Of course sound quality and having the right connections is important as well. Most of these players offer Dolby surround sound and several allow you to directly access your own photos, video, and music.

The Advantages

Blu-Ray players are obviously the standard in watching movies. They provide the full HD viewing we all expect. Getting one that offers access to streaming movies assures that you'll never suffer from being unable to find anything you want to watch on TV. With Netflix offering arguably the best selection, it's certainly a service that's preferred by millions as well.

In the past, viewing Netflix movies meant going to your computer to choose your movies, then waiting a day or two for them to arrive in the mail. Then the "watch instantly" feature came along. You could then watch movies as soon as you selected them, but, they would stream only to your computer.

Now for those who want to enjoy their Netflix movies from the comfort of their sofa, Netflix players allow you to stream those movies directly to your TV, instantly. A Netflix Blu-Ray player can do this work and it makes sense, because you'll probably purchase a Blu-Ray player anyway. Nothing extra, no additional clutter, just a device that serves more than one purpose: playing Blu-Ray disks and streaming online video.


Panasonic offers a number of Netflix Blu-Ray players.

The DMP-BD85K offers both wired Ethernet networking and Wi-Fi for accessing internet video content. It has a USB port and SD memory card slot amking it easy to enjoy your own HD video and digital still images. It supports AVCHD and DivX movie format. It features a high definition audio decoder, 7.1 channel aduio decode analog output, an HDMI Jitter Purifier, and VEIRA Link to allow you to operate multiple audio/video components with a single remote. With the VEIRA Cast service you can stream movies from Netflix, Amazon On Demand, and more.

The DMP-BDT100 lets you enjoy both 2D and 3D images/video. (3D requires a compatible 3D television screen) This Blu-Ray player will up-convert all standard definition video to 1080p and will up sample and remaster audio at 96kHz. It offers 1 HDMI out, USB port, video out, digital audio out, an SD memory card slot, and Ethernet connections. With the VIERA Cast service you can also enjoy YouTube video, Pandora, Amazon on Demand, Netflix movies, and more.

A Closer Look at the Panasonic DMP-BD85K


Sony also offers a number of Netflix Blu-Ray players as well. Their BDP-S570 has built in Wi-Fi and allows you to wirelessly stream photos, video and music. With the BRAVIA Internet service you can enjoy Netflix, Pandora, Slacker, Picasa, You Tube, Amazon on Demand, and more directly on your television. Of course, you get Blu-Ray 3D playback too. In fact with this player, you can use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a remote by downloading the free app.

The BDP-S370 provides 1080p full HD viewing and also upscales standard definition DVDs. It's Wi-Fi adapter ready and offers a variety of connections: 1 HDMI, 1 component, 1 composite, 2 USB, 1 Ethernet, and 2 digital audio (optical and coaxial). It also offers access to Netflix movies and other services with BRAVIA Internet.

A Look At the Sony BDP-S570 Streaming Capabilities


The LG BD570 is another option. It offers 1GB of memory, 1080p full HD viewing, and upscaling of standard definition DVDs. With SIMPLINK, users can control all of their LG devices with one remote and with NetCAST they get access to Netflix movies, Vudu, CinemaNow, Pandora, YouTube and more.

This player offers 7.1 channel surround sound with Dolby Digital, Dolby TrueHD, and dts-HD. This is a DLNA certified media player and allows users to enjoy their photos, video, and music from USB storage devices as well.

A Brief Review of the LG BD570


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    • janices7 profile image

      Janice S 6 years ago

      Love streaming NetFlix on my new DVD blu ray player. Works great and I highly recommend it!

    • craftdrawer profile image

      craftdrawer 6 years ago

      Interesting! I was looking into some options for streaming video on my television but will have to check this one out for sure!