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Netvertibles: info about them

Updated on March 13, 2012

The word netvertible stands for netbook convertible. Nowadays you can find many netvertibles on the market. A netvertible will let you type but will also let you use the screen of your laptop as a touch screen. Netvertibles are built by starting from the basics of a netbook, but also adding touch screen capabilities to the netbook. This way you get a netbook with an added touch screen feature that will definitely make it more useful.

Netvertibles might be very useful for students. A student could choose to buy a netvertible if he thinks it could be a good idea to take notes by using the touch screen of the netvertible during classes and later annotating the notes by normal typing.

Although netvertibles might be the best choice for students you might want to start looking for the best netvertible even if you are not a student anymore, but you simply appreciate touch screen technology and are tired of the capabilities of a simple netbook.

A netvertible device you might like and choose to buy is the M1125 from Gigabyte. It has an 11.6 inch screen (1366x768). It will also come with USB 3.0 ports and an innovative new processor from Intel. If you have the patience to wait for it a little bit more until you can really buy the device from stores it might really be worth it.

Another device you might love is the new Viliv S10 Blade. It has a price that is around the sum of 500 dollars and comes with a 10 inch multi touch screen. You get a solid state disk that can have between 32 to 128 GB, an Intel Atom Z530 or Z550 processor and Windows 7. It is very thin (as its name also suggests) and it is supposed to have a battery life of 10 hours.

The Asus Eee PC T91 might also please you. It is smaller so very good for those of you who travel a lot (it has a 9 inch screen). It comes with a 1.33 GHz Intel Atom processor and a system memory of 1 GB. You get a 16 HB solid state disk and an extra 16 GB SD card with it. It is not a very high performance laptop but it will do its job very well and give you the bonus of a touch screen.

If none of the models above convinced you go on looking for the best netbook tablet and you will eventually find one worth buying.


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