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Network Marketing Riches

Updated on August 6, 2007

Blog Your Way to Network Marketing Riches

Everyone is talking about blog today. People blog about their life, some even use blog to generate money from online advertisements and some huge companies use blogs to communicate with their employees in a more casual way.

Can blog be use for network marketing? Sure it can! There are many ways you can make good use of your blog to grow your team.

Whether are you in a traditional or internet network marketing business, if you are not using blogs now you are leaving good money on the table. Your network marketing blog can be your ultimate recruiting and team building machine.

Let me break it down into two important parts so you can have a grasp of how a blog can dramatically help you in your network marketing business.

Business Exposure

Blogs is one way you can market your product or business opportunity around the world. It is a great way to build relationship with your prospects and educate them about your products and your business opportunity. Besides, search engines like Google love blogs because of its nature and they are more likely to index it faster, thus more exposure.

What I will recommend when you are starting a blog is to use a Wordpress blog software which you need to have it install on your own web hosting. Go to to download the software. Wordpress blog gives you more flexibility and control. In addition there are load of wordpress software plug-ins out there that you can add on to give your blog greater online exposure.

Team Building

Communicating with your market is one way but it can also serve as a medium to talk, educate, and motivate your existing team members. For example, you can educate your downlines about the company products in detail or write an article on the steps that you will do when you present the business opportunity to your prospect. Many say that to succeed in network marketing, the key is duplication! I can't agree more to that. A blog serves as a teaching medium, your downlines can learn what you do and duplicate it.

Another advantage point is to motivate your downlines. When ever any of you member have been promote or had a break through success or have done something worth mentioning, post it on your blog. Write an article about it or do an interview on how he or she did it and post it up on your blog. This way, it motivates and teaches other members how that particular member did it. Moreover, would it be nice to feature a member that has done something great? I believe people love being acknowledged with what they have done, so do that and it will greatly boost your team's morale!

In summary, a blog can be use as a marketing tool or team building tool or both. It's a tool I would suggest you to use whether you are in an off line network marketing business or an internet network marketing business. It a powerful tool so use it to your business advantage.


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