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New Ways to Never Have Your Website Shut Down by the Government

Updated on February 18, 2014
Notice of domain name seizure by the US government
Notice of domain name seizure by the US government | Source
Domain name seized by the FBI
Domain name seized by the FBI | Source

"FreeSpeechMe" Plug-in

Nothing is as frustrating as going to a website you need, only to find out it has been seized by the government. They usually go after popular sites that they deem illegal, but some blocks are also political censorship. Some of the more famous websites are The Pirate Bay, Silk Road, and numerous online gambling sites. In many other countries around the world, the governments grab domain names all the time and try to censor unfavorable criticism. Even in the United States, politicians pass bills every year that want to censor and tighten down what you see on the Web under the guise of “fighting terrorism.”

As time marches on it's inevitable that the government will take more and more control of what you see. This is upsetting if you have a website that you think could be targeted. Business is risky enough, but now you have to worry about the powers-that-be shutting you down if they don’t like what you’re selling or saying. A good domain name is priceless; just think how much it would cost Amazon, eBay, or Google if the government just took their domain names away. How long would it take for your customers to figure out where your new site is? A site like Pirate Bay has been shut down in all their forms with .com, .net .biz .info .cc, and all kinds other top-level domain names. explains,

“Q. If the website you have registered first in .com is shut down, how do you continue to operate and update the .bit site without having access to the .com site?

A. Well, there are three basic ways a website can be shut down.

1. If a government or corporation tells ICANN to delete your Dot-Com domain, it will no longer work. Dot-Bit doesn't have that problem, because it's not controlled by ICANN.

2. If a government makes your web host delete the FILES for your website, with Dot-Bit, you'd just transfer the copy from your home computer to a new server anywhere in the world. Then you'd do a Name Update command in the Namecoin wallet, enter the new IP address or name servers in the transaction (which costs about ten cents to do), and within about 30 minutes, everyone in the world who has FreeSpeechMe would be able to see your Dot-Bit site again, automatically, serving from the new location.

The third way a website can be shut down is by hijacking the DNS to a different site (often a look alike site to trick users into entering passwords and credit card numbers. This happened Feb 2014 with Facebook.) This is very easy to do with a Dot-Com address, and next to impossible with a Dot-Bit address.”

Even if someone shuts down your website they can’t shut down the name itself
Even if someone shuts down your website they can’t shut down the name itself | Source


The good news is a new development is rising that should make seizure and hijacking of your domain name very difficult. A top-level domain, .bit, is here to help.

A simple plug-in on Firefox allows you to see and use .bit urls. This runs on a coin name block chain technology which is basically a spin off of Bitcoin. The plug-in is open source so there are no issues with spyware or anything nefarious.

It’s okay if you don’t understand the techno mumbo jumbo, it means you can make a .bit name and even if someone shuts down your website they can’t shut down the name itself. All you have to do is upload your site to another server and you are right back in business without your customers having to use a new address to find you.

FreeSpeechMe Plug-in Explained in Depth

Michael Dean Explains

Michael Dean, the co-host of Freedom Feens radio show, explains more about the plug-in: “FreeSpeechMe isn't hard to use. If you can use a Bitcoin wallet, you're tech savvy enough to use the FreeSpeechMe plug-in to view Dot-Bit sites. And if you can set up a website with a web host, or have someone in your organization who can, you're tech savvy enough to set up a Dot-Bit alternative for your Dot-Com website.”

The radio host warned, “With governments cracking down widely on the Internet in Turkey, Ukraine, and England, it's not long before it's happening everywhere. Get ahead of the curve today and get your customers and viewers up to speed so when your Dot-Com domain is hijacked by the government, switching over to Dot-Bit to view it is seamless.”

If you plan ahead now, you can safeguard your business from bad guys tying to take it down and steal it.


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    • TarrinLupo profile image

      Tarrin Lupo 4 years ago from Peterborough NH

      Kevinfream, I throw in a few serious articles once in a while. .bit works different than a normal registrar. It uses a blockchain style tech to do it. Check out the video on the article that explains it deeper.

    • kevinfream profile image

      Kevin Fream 4 years ago from Tulsa, OK

      I had to check to make sure this hub wasn't satire. Very few people recognize new domains like .bit. Unfortunately, if a registrar receives a court order from a government, it may not matter what domain extension is used.