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New Black Apple iPod classic 160GB Advantages and Disadvantages

Updated on October 16, 2010

New Black Apple iPod classic 160GB

New Classic Apple iPod Review

Black Apple iPod Classic 160GB won the 2009 Hi-Fi Sound and Vision Award, due to its high performance and functionality. With many features that Apple iPod classic 160GB comes with you will enjoy every moment while using the Classic Apple iPod

Keys Features of Black Apple iPod

Storage Capacity

If you want an Apple iPod with the highest storage capacity then the Black Apple iPod is the one to go for. With the ability to store up to 40,000 songs or 25,000 photos, this is a huge space that will enable you store this kind of photos and songs and where else will you get such kind of storage capacity. Other than the song and photos with your Black Apple IiPod Classic you will be able to Store and watch up to 200 hours of films and TV shows on bright 2.5-inch screen. With the Apple iPod you have just have your 2.5-inch TV is that not great

Other Features of New Classics Apple iPod

Value for Money

With the kind of storage and other capabilities that Black Apple iPod Classic 160GB comes with you will be able to buy something that at the end you will appreciate having spending your money to buy the iPod Classic

New features

Apple iPod classic has got one more feature integrated which makes it perform faster and better. The new enables the Apple iPod to creates a playlist of tracks in your library that go great together, that‘s just cool and not only having playback capability but also the ability to browse your music with Cover Flow or kick back. The iPod Classic has got play 3 which includes iPod games and these are some of the best game you not find on the previous Black Apple iPod Classic


The Apple IPod Black is made of good-looking; long-lasting anodized aluminum and the beauty of the Apple iPod Black is that it is polished stainless steel construction. With this your iPod will have no stain

When buying the Apple iPod you should do your shopping it is recommended to do your shopping at the producer’s online store or through third parties like Amazon which at sometime you will be able to get some discount and promotion. The Apple iPod Classic box includes the following accessories

The box contains: iPod classic: Earphones: USB 2.0 cable: Dock adapter: Quick Start guide so ensure that your boxes comes with the above mentioned accessories

Below are some reviews of related Apple iPod products and musical accessories that you may need, feel free to check on the reviews which will be of great help when you are making your decision to buy and where to do your purchase


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    • profile image

      gigi 6 years ago

      still do not know what to choose. classic is sleak and pretty

      well written and explained. mabye should go with black.

      thanks really done good

      votes up and no downs.:)

    • oderog profile image

      oderog 7 years ago from Nairobi

      Thanks Ultimate Hubber for your comment

    • Ultimate Hubber profile image

      Ultimate Hubber 7 years ago

      Good detailed review Oderog. Thanx!