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Affordable & Small Cheap Tablet Reviews 2013 - 2014

Updated on December 3, 2013

How to Find a Good Tablet

Today, when someone mentions the word “tablet”, you may still think of Moses and the Ten Commandments or some other relic from the Middle Ages or times past.

However, today the word “tablet” also has a very different connotation – a personal, handheld computer that often has many or all of the same features as a regular laptop or PC.

Often either used with a stylus or else just as a touch screen electronic, these powerful devices are extremely portable and often much more practical to carry around than a full-sized laptop. Here is a list of the best tablets for 2013.

5 stars for Dell XPS 10 Tablet

Dell XPS 10 Tablet

The most unique feature of the Dell XPS 10 Tablet is its versatile flip-hinge technology. This allows you to either use the tablet as a touch screen, just like most tablets, but you can also flip the screen up on its hinge to reveal a full keyboard at your disposal, making the tablet look exactly like a laptop and functioning almost exactly like one.

This tablet is also fully capable of flash technology, so that you can watch almost any multimedia you want on the Dell XPS 10 Tablet. Dell also sells a matching audio station, which is a type of docking station that essentially showcases your Dell Inspiron Duo on a stand – which you can then use as a digital picture frame, an alarm clock, a glorified MP3 player, or any number of other essential electronic items.

The Dell XPS 10 Tablet works off the Windows 7 Home Premium, and has two gigabytes of memory. The screen is 10.1” and includes a webcam as well, which is 1.3 megapixels.

The battery can last up to four hours, and you can either use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to reach the internet on your tablet. It has several ports, including a USB port and an AC adapter connector. And, the Dell XPS 10 Tablet PC comes in three colors: foggy night black, fastback red, and marlin blue.

Toshiba Thrive

This 10.1” tablet from Toshiba has an LED-backlit display, so that the Toshiba Thrive can be stylishly thin and easy to carry around. The screen also automatically adjusts it brightness to be viewed the best in different hues of light, so that you don’t have to worry about not being able to see the screen if you want to take your Thrive to the beach.

This tablet features a mobile super-chip, the NVIDIA Tegra 2, so that you can multitask just as fast on your tablet as you can on your regular laptop or PC with the dual-core processor. It also comes with Adobe Flash player, so that you can view all sorts of media wherever you want to on your Toshiba Thrive without having to worry about poorer quality.

The Toshiba Thrive also features a GPS, e-compass, gyroscope (this maintains the tablet’s orientation no matter which way you hold it), and even an accelerometer (which essentially measures gravity’s effects on the device). Because of all these features, you can use your Thrive from any angle, and know your exact location almost anywhere in the world.

There is also a USB port on the Toshiba Thrive, so that you can easily transfer your files and photos from the Thrive to your regular laptop or PC. There are also several additional features with which you can upgrade your Toshiba Thrive, including a webcam, stereo speakers, and a removable back cover.

The back cover is rubberized so that you won’t drop it easily or let it fall off a desk or table easily – but if you’re concerned about looks, you can remove the colored cover. These covers come in six different colors: green, black, light blue, silver, pink, and royal blue.

Sony Xperia Z

This is probably the best tablet purchase for video game fanatics, as it is a Playstation certified device, allowing you to play all your favorite games in the highest quality possible.

The Sony Xperia Z is designed like a yoga mat folded in half, which surprisingly gives you maximum control both when you’re holding the tablet in your hand and when you’re using it to surf the web or play games.

You can actually use your Sony Xperia Z as a remote control with a number of other electronics, so that you no longer have to worry about losing your remote control between the couch cushions. Additionally, this tablet comes with Video Unlimited, which lets you access millions of movies and music to either rent or own all on your tablet.

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HP TouchPad

This tablet is obviously a touch screen, yet still lets you use multiple apps at the same time, allowing for the ultimate in multitasking. You can also easily and automatically sync your email, contacts, facebook, and other things with your HP Touchpad using HP Synergy.

You can even print from your HP Touchpad, wirelessly, with any compatible HP printer. You can also video chat on this tablet, as well as download movies and TV shows, and listen to music with great speakers.

The New iPad

This is probably the most popular tablet available today, even though it doesn’t run off Windows.

The New iPad is equipped with two cameras, one on the front and one on the back, so that you can take pictures easily as well as chat with friends and family via Skype or some other form of video chat.

The chip allows for a dual-core processor, making the New Apple iPad extremely fast and able to multitask.

This version is now 33% thinner and 15% lighter than the original Apple iPad, making it even easier to transport and use. And the battery can last for up to ten hours, which is great for any work or school day.

Kindle Fire HD

If you’re looking for the right tablet, then you should also consider the Kindle Fire HD. Yes, we know that’s an e-book reader, but for under $200 and with the improvements Amazon has made you can definitely consider it a tablet that will compete with all of those that we’ve mentioned above.

© 2013 Jackie Jacobs

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