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New DISH Hopper and Joey GameFinder App Allows You to Find College and Major League Games in One Place

Updated on October 22, 2012

If you’re a sports fan, you know how annoying it can be to have to hunt down times for current and upcoming games you want to watch or even just check the score. Luckily for you, DISH just released a new app on August 30th called GameFinder, and it will help make your game-watching efforts a lot easier.

How do I use the GameFinder app?

Access the GameFinder on your Internet-connected Hopper by pressing the Menu button on the remote and selecting Apps. Once you’re there, you can see all games, sort by league, and customize all while still watching TV.

The GameFinder app features access to schedules and scores for NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, NCAA football, and NCAA basketball games. You can select these leagues individually to see what’s playing, or you can customize the app by selecting your favorite teams. These will be remembered in your Favs at the top of the app list.

Can I record the game and watch it later?

When a game is selected, you can choose to watch or to record the game, as well as set timers to record upcoming games for that specific team. If you just want to check the score, you’ll see it right at the bottom of the screen. You’ll also be able to see the Thuuz ranking of the game, which gives you an idea of how exciting current or future games are expected to be based on player stats, rivalry levels, proximity of the scores, and more.

But what about blackout games and games that aren't in my package?

While the GameFinder app only includes information about games that are in your DISH programming package, you can choose to upgrade your package directly from the app so you can watch a game you don’t currently have access to. Just select the game, and then select the Upgrade button to proceed.

But what about blackout games? If the game you want to watch is included in your package but is blacked out, you can still keep track of detailed live scoring via the DISH GameFinder app.

Ready to switch to DISH?

If you’re an avid sports fan, the Hopper’s new GameFinder app is likely to become a new best friend. Don’t have DISH yet? We’re happy to help. New customers are eligible for free upgrades, including free Hopper and Joey setups and free HD for life. Check out our website for more information on current DISH promotions.

Thank you!
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Satellite Solutions Network, Inc. | Get GameFinder with the DISH Hopper and Joey

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    • profile image

      gil 5 years ago

      Thanks for the information! I adopted a Hopper early and so far it seems like DISH ads another cool feature every few months. First they added Pandora and expanded the hard drive, then they added Auto Hop, and now we have the Game Finder app. I love working for a company like DISH that pushes new features to my device even though it’s already bought and paid for. (I don’t get that with my smart phone!) I love that I can keep track of my favorite teams with the Game Finder but it’s the Thuuz alerts that I am really interested in. I love how I can check exciting games that I may have ignored because I don’t follow the teams. And with hockey about to go on strike I might see if Thuuz can help me find a new sport or league to check out.