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New EBook Readers - A Gadget that will Change Your Reading Style

Updated on March 11, 2017

An Amazing Tech Gift for Book Lovers

An ereader is the very best Christmas gift that you can select for someone you love the most. Ereaders provide with exceptional reading experience for those who love to read a lot. Ereaders have become common nowadays. But compared to the past few years, now different types of ereaders are available in market.

There are mainly two types of ereaders. The first type is the cheap ones that functions just like a paper. It’s not possible to read them in dark. But they provide with long battery life that can extend up to weeks. The second type is the expensive one that functions like a tablet computer. The provision of browsing is available in this type.

Amazon Kindle Touch Wi-Fi/ 3G

It is the best audio-enabled touch-screen e-ink reader. It is the best ereader to date.
Kindle Wi Fi cannot be beated by any other ereaders at that rate. It is a rich eco system of music, apps films and books. It is sure to impress the person to whom you are going to gift it.

Barnes & Noble NOOK COLOR eBook Reader

It has got a stunning 7-inch colour touch screen that gives a life to your reading. It can be easily read in a well lit room or in dark. It has got a built in memory of 8GB that can hold magazines, news papers, kid’s books etc. It has a huge selection of 2.5 million books. Yet if you run out of space use a memory card to save more. It also includes a built-in Wi-Fi connection. When the free in-store Wi-Fi is connected any book can be read free for about an hour per day. It causes no eye strain and its brightness can be adjusted. Pages can be turned easily without any distractions. It has the added advantage of offering an expansion slot for additional memory. It cannot be beated for its ad free feature and touch screen.

Ematic eGlide 7-Inch Touch Screen Tablet with Android 2.1 - Black

It is preloaded with Android 2.1, which gives access to unlimited apps. Navigations are easy with a swipe of a finger, built-in stylus pen or by using the trackball. It has got a flash memory of 4 GB. It’s slim design makes it easy for you to handle. Various file formats are also supported by eGlide. If you're sure a tablet with all these facilities will impress your friend, go for it.

Best eBook Readers Buying Guide

Kobo eReader Touch (Black)

It has a built-in memory storage capacity of 2GB. Its small size makes it suitable for travelling. This ereader is good at handling PDF files. Linux users are not much benefited by this software as it only supports on Windows or Mac. Its touch screen can be easily used as a mobile or tablet PC. It is very fast, practical and easy to use.

Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch eBook Reader

It is ultra light and ultra portable. It is easy to use and can be read clearly. It has the longest battery life that extends up to two months and an internal memory of 2GB. It allows you to read numerous e-books, which is its striking feature. Extensive computer skill is not necessary to handle it.

Pandigital 7 Color Multimedia eReader

Most popular file formats are supported by Pandigital. It has a built-in memory storage capacity of 1GB. Books can be electrically borrowed into it from libraries and it has got a wonderful colour screen. Web surfing is perfectly fine with it. Pages can be turned smoothly and it has the options for font size.

SKYTEX Primer 7" Color E-reader and Media Player

E-books, songs and photos and several full length movies can be easily carried with its storage capacity of 2 GB. It is an all-in-one device meant to make life simpler. 10 books can be read at a time and returning to the part you were just reading is also very easy. The memory can be increased if an SD card is used.

Sony PRS-T1 Pearl Red 6" eBook Reader with Wi-Fi

It is the lightest 6" ereader. Hence it can be easily carried in the pocket or bag. This ereader can be used to read your favourite books for hours even in direct sunlight. It has got 12 built in dictionaries. The meaning of a word can be easily found using it and the word can also be translated into the 5 supporting languages.

Five Essential Accessories for Your eReader

  1. Reading light: If you have an e-ink reader you cannot read it in the dark. Reading light provides it with the light for reading in dark.
  2. E-book reader case: It’s a case that is used to protect your ereader
  3. Power adapter: Used to charge the ereader that doesn’t contain one.
  4. Screen protector: It is a very cheap accessory used to protect your screen from scratches.
  5. Earphones: For ereaders that provide the facility to read out your e-books through speakers, it is the very essential accessory for your ereader.

Even those people who love to turn and read books are now attracted to ereaders. Ereaders are simple to use and also give you a new experience in reading. They can be compared to portable libraries. A good cheap ereader should have lots of built-in storage and should be fast. Special care must be taken while buying an ereader. It’s not worth buying a tablet that is very cheap. The best tablets that you can consider at a low cost are Kindle fire and Nook color. They are available at a low cost because they make money by selling contents. Some of the popular ereaders are presented above. But many other competing models are now available in the market. So let the following details of ereaders help you to select an extraordinary Christmas gift.


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