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New Facebook Comment Animations: Congrats, XOXO and More

Updated on August 10, 2017

Have you discovered the latest animated comment triggers on Facebook?

Move over Harry Potter, there are new features in town! Remember the celebration of the Harry Potter Books 20th anniversary earlier in the year? Facebook introduced fun new actions that were triggered by words relating to the Harry Potter series, including Hogwarts house names such as Gryffindor and Slytherin. These phrases were met with the magical wave of a wand. It was so popular that they’ve started to introduce more ways to engage with your Facebook friends using animations.

An Example of a Congrats Animation in a Status Update
An Example of a Congrats Animation in a Status Update | Source

Why Don't Facebook Animations Work on my Device?

Some users report having issues accessing these animations and have expressed concerns that this may be a hoax, but it has been confirmed that this in an official Facebook update. Originally it was thought that the animations were only compatible in certain browsers, but users have reported seeing them on both mobile and desktop devices, which indicates that this update is being rolled out on an account by account basis. If you’re one of the unfortunate few yet to experience the fun, don’t fret! These new updates are being gradually introduced and should be available for your account sometime soon.

When the update is rolled out to your account, you'll see trigger words, such as Congrats, turn bold and orange. When you click the words, you'll see the associated animation. You can see an example in the video below:

Can Facebook Predict the Gender of Your Baby?

Facebook users have been going crazy for some unexpected new updates that include fun animations triggered by certain words and phrases. The updates have been rolling out over the past few weeks, sparking interest for Facebook users and confusion for those who haven’t yet been able to access these exciting new Easter eggs. A full list of these updates is yet to be released, although many people have been stumbling upon them organically.

To try these out for yourself simply type the trigger words into the text box on your Facebook account and press enter. Once posted, the text will turn red and an animation will appear from the bottom of your page. Go ahead, give it a try!

Here's an example of one of the posts doing the rounds right now:

Type congrats in the comments and if confetti pops out and a blue balloon or pink balloon you will be pregnant soon or you are pregnant already blue (boy) pink (girl) you can only see your own, if nothing happens it means you're not having a baby anytime soon!

'Congrats' Balloon Animations

Users have discovered that typing ‘Congrats’ into your status bar or as a comment will trigger a new animation complete with confetti and balloons. There have been reports of blue and yellow balloons with confetti, as well as pink balloons. Certain Facebook pages have been cashing in on the excitement and creating games for followers to engage in, for example there have been suggestions that you will see blue balloons if you’re pregnant with a boy and pink balloons if you’re pregnant with a girl.

'XOXO' Facebook Animation

Xoxo is used in messaging as a sign of affection, to express love and to symbolise the action of hugs and kisses and is also another popular Facebook Easter egg animation being introduced over the past few weeks. Try this one out by commenting xoxo on a friend’s status, or posting one of your own and red hearts should show up on your screen. How fun is that!

Facebook comments now feature a range of fun animations.
Facebook comments now feature a range of fun animations. | Source

Other Reported Animated Words

Thumbs Up:

  • Rad
  • Radness


  • Congrats
  • Multiple variations of Congrats in other languages


  • XOXO
  • Multiple variations of 'kisses' in other languages.


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    • profile image

      Debbie 6 weeks ago

      Some ppl can type in BFF and they get hands that come up ? How do we get it ?

    • profile image

      Phyllis 6 weeks ago

      THANKS - where can I get updates from you ... loved the article... Blessings .

    • profile image

      friend 2 months ago


    • profile image

      Cassie 2 months ago

      You got this. Try it!

    • profile image

      carl england 3 months ago

      I hate them! I want them to stop. I don't like it when I type Congratulations for someone's accomplishments and it just looks goofy.

    • anusha15 profile image

      Anusha Jain 4 months ago from Delhi, India

      I noticed few of these animations a couple of times, and they were definitely a pleasure to look at. I love the way hearts and likes fly heavenwards when I open one of my posts. Of course the more the merry, but sadly the animation happens just one time, so if I have received 50 likes, and I open the post, 50 likes pop up and fly away, but if get, say, 20 more likes after this, and I open the post, I won't see 70 likes. But looking at how people are asking for ways for stopping these animations, I guess this is okay. :P :)

      Great post.

    • profile image

      Sofia 4 months ago

      Hey! Anyone knows if there's a way to create my own Animated Comment Triggers?

    • profile image

      Aj 5 months ago

      It will only work for original cellular phones.

    • profile image

      mitch8 5 months ago

      rad and congrats works for me, but xoxo didn't. Does anyone else know of other words that do this?

    • profile image

      Loni 5 months ago

      Thank you for the post. Very insightful

    • profile image

      Bob 5 months ago

      How to stop the animation?

    • profile image

      Tracie 5 months ago

      This post was written a while ago, and I am STILL unable to see ANY of the animations on my account. Are they still "rolling them out" or am I doomed to be boring for the rest of Facebook eternity? I have messaged Facebook support about this TWICE with no response. I missed the Harry Potter magic!!

    • profile image

      Nikki McDonald 5 months ago

      This actually annoys the heck out of me. Any way to turn it off? I don't want them on my page nor do I want my "congratulations" to trigger this stuff.

    • benqie profile image

      Bangbang Nurdiansyah 6 months ago from Bandung Indonesia

      Nice post thanks alot for shering

    • profile image

      plabonbhadra 6 months ago


    • sallybea profile image

      Sally Gulbrandsen 6 months ago from Norfolk

      Great to see you writing again. Seems like you have been ever so busy. I popped over to your profile to see if I had missed anything else:) I am looking forward to exploring some of these animations. Thanks for sharing.

    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 6 months ago from New Delhi, India

      Nice article and the new Facebook comment animations are really fun , as you have pointed above. I love using them while posting comments on my family and friend's posts.

      It's good to see the flying hearts and balloons . Another good thing is that it's available in many languages.

      Thanks for sharing this informative and interesting article! Those who may not have noticed it , will notice it now.

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 6 months ago from Jamaica

      Nice, Thanks