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New Facebook Message Platform Hurts All Marketers

Updated on May 1, 2011
Facebook Messages
Facebook Messages
Facebook Messages
Facebook Messages
Facebook Messages
Facebook Messages

The new messaging plaform in Facebook obstructs the Marketers' activites to a great extent, it's according to a recent report. The messages moor in their “other” folder. And normally it gets missed by the users.

Many marketers don't even know that there is the 'Other' Folder option in their account. They look for the InBox and only find out the messages sent from Friends and Family. The marketing messages just get lost from their sight as they even don't know that a quick look in the folder is necessary.

The messages which are sent by the a user land in a single thread. Neither the subject lines can be seen there nor the user can manage the messages in chronological way. If you are a part of it, then you won't be able to find out how many messages you haven't read today.

The user will not be able to figure out the text version if he doesn't click 'expand' button. Only HTML versions can be determined in these cases. Yet, after clicking 'expand', sometimes the view isn't well enough. That time a click in 'view as a webpage' is required.

These are the complicated steps to read the Messages. So, it obviously hurts the Marketers' activities. Some say,

Perhaps it is a wise move of Facebook. They're urging the Marketers to buy their ads in a hidden way!.

It's not even clear whether Facebook has done it willingly and after testing or not. According to me it's simply a wrong attempt. What do you say? Hu?

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