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New Features In Mozilla Firefox 4

Updated on May 7, 2011
Mozilla Firefox 4
Mozilla Firefox 4
Mozilla Firefox 4
Mozilla Firefox 4
Mozilla Firefox 4
Mozilla Firefox 4
Mozilla Firefox 4
Mozilla Firefox 4
Mozilla Firefox 4
Mozilla Firefox 4

The more I'm looking at the Mozilla Firedox 4's new features, the more I'm getting astonished. I think you should also upgrade it soon (if you haven't already). In this hub, I'll write about the new features of Mozilla Firefox 4.Then you can decide it's for you or not.

The Features

  1. Similar to Google Chrome. Looks more clear after placing the tabs above the address navigation bar.
  2. You can easily synchronize the passwords, settings. And bookmarks of course. This feature helps the Android Users who browse internet while on the move.
  3. You can start photo editing for the new HTML 5's support. You can do many things more which you've never imagined before.
  4. We may easily find out the extensions libraries, so that we can find them out easily.
  5. In case of many opened websites, you can easily reach a page writing the address in the address bar.
  6. A File App can be created for frequently visited websites. To do this, just right click on a Tab and select- Pin as AppĀ  tab.
  7. With the new feature Panorama, you can easily organize your tabs if you have a tendency of opening many sites at a time.
  8. The entire web browser will not close if there is any difficulty with the Flash Player or Quicktime. Only a page refresh is enough for this.
  9. Firefox Four has the graphical acceleration system like Internet Explorer 9. In this way, processor for video, graphical rendering etc. can be used.
  10. With the brand new JavaScript engine, Firefox 4gives you a better experience online just by increasing its Browsing its speed.

I don't think more features are needed to try it out! It already worth of a try, as I think. Anyway, if you like these kinds of updates and make money just from your hobbies, then you can visit Productive Hobbies & Earning Hobbies.


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    • Ibrahim K. Shafin profile image

      Ibrahim Kamrul Shafin 6 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh & Washington DC, USA

      Thanks @greencap for your nice and thoughtful comment. And never mind for the IE traffic. Just fix your site's theme in such a way that your site is easily viewable in all the well-known browsers. And if you buy themes, then you MUST check which browsers they are compatible with . Hope it helps.

      Yea, I agree with you. Most of the people are too lazy to install new softwares. But its your DUTY to show off yourself to them. So, you cannot blame them for that. And perhaps, my likes match with you a lot. I like love FireFox from the beginning since I first discovered it. :)

      Thanks once again for reading and commenting.


    • greencap profile image

      greencap 6 years ago from Pakistan

      Nice hub. Internet explorer is long bound to die a natural death. But i get frustrated when i check the analytics stats of my websites, only to see over 50% users being on IE.

      Many people are too lazy to install anything new, and stick with the crappy browser that came built in with windows.

      Anyways, firefox is no doubt the best browser available with tons of cool extensions. You can also check my hub about some of the useful firefox extensions.