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New Google Chrome Extension To Block Specific Web Search Sites/Results

Updated on February 14, 2011

Google Chrome Extension To Block And Ban Websites In Search Results

Earlier today Google announced a new Chrome web browser extension that allows you to block/ban certain websites from appearing in your search results.

Many of you will know that currently it is not possible to block sites via any Google account settings and this has caused frustration and annoyance for many searchers.

The new Chrome extension is "is still in the experimental phase" but it's clear that this is a response to the criticism of Google's search results in recent months. In case you missed it, Google's head of web spam made a public announcement last month that they were taking action against low quality websites. Up until recently Google had only ever stated they would take action on outright webspam but now they looking at "low quality sites". This is seen by many as an admission that their anti-spam policies have failed.

So how does the Chrome web browser extension work?

Once installed you will be given the opportunity to block sites with a button directly below the search result. If you click on it, that site will never appear in your results again. If you want to re-include the site back into your results you just need to scroll to the bottom of the page and select the option.

If you choose to eliminate a site from your searches that information will be sent back to Google and they may use it to improve the overall results. In other words they may penalize that site for some search queries.


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If you are looking for the download then you can find it via this link, don't forget this is a Chrome only browser feature -


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    • kislany profile image

      kislany 7 years ago from Cyprus

      Yep, was just reading about this and googled it...and your hub is somewhere up there, so I had to check it out :)

      Great feature, btw, I will implement it as well.

    • Crewman6 profile image

      Crewman6 7 years ago

      Now this is handy to know. Thanks for the heads-up, I'll be using this one!