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New Interface of Google Search: Try Google Search's New Interface Now!!

Updated on May 10, 2011

Google Search is always favourite to all from the starting of Google search. Everyday millions of time people are entering and hit enter key to their computers for different purposes like searching music, movies, videos, documents, tutorials etc. But the amazing news is that Google is now testing a new interface for its search engine. This new interface is not yet published yet. This page tells you the great news of Google's new search interface.

Google search is now using more blue in the buttons and the white interface. Moreover, the sidebar has been changed a lot. In the following you will see some of the screenshots of Google search's new interface.

It's mentionable, Google does not yet revealed this new interface of Google search interface. To see this new search interface of Google follow the following steps:

Steps to see Google search new interface

Step 1: Opening Google's homepages

At first, open any of the browser and go to the Google search homepage by typing in the web browser and hit Enter key of your keyboard. By doing so, you may be redirected to or Actually it does not matter. So, after the above steps, you are staying to the Google search home page.

Step 2: Pasting some texts to the address bar

Copy the following texts and paste it to the address bar of your web browser and hit Enter key.


Step 3: Open Google search homepage again

After doing the above steps, open Google search homepage again and you will see the new interface of Google search engine.

@Written by rancidTaste


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