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New Nokia N96 Review

Updated on July 27, 2009

New Nokia N96

Buy Nokia N96
Buy Nokia N96
Nokia N96 Revealed
Nokia N96 Revealed
Nokia N96 Media Buttons
Nokia N96 Media Buttons
Nokia N96 Exposed
Nokia N96 Exposed
Nokia N96 Media Buttons
Nokia N96 Media Buttons
Nokia N96 compared to N95
Nokia N96 compared to N95

The Nokia N96 Basics

The Nokia N96 is the latest in the range of flagship N-Series cell phone devices to be released by Nokia.  The stunning N96 has some amazing features that in my view rate it one of my top cell phones of 2008.

The basic design of the Nokia N96 is sleek, smart and functional.  This attracts me straight away, as I have been deluged with flip phone designs over the last few weeks as I prepare to move to America, and nice as flip phones are I really just cannot find myself that attracted to them!

First off though I think it is important to point out that unlike many other phones, even the hugely successful iPhone.  The reason I say this is that without any additional applications the Nokia N96 is a cell phone optimized for calls and texting, video, TV, Music, Photography, Internet, File Sharing and E-Mail!

The Nokia N96 helps you to incorporate this with the least of hassle by providing an inbuilt 16GB flash drive, with an option for you to add up to 16GB more at a later date, giving you a possible total of 32GB of storage space on your Nokia N96 device!

The Nokia N96 Cool Factor

One of the main selling points in my view of teh Nokia N96 is quite simply it's looks.  The N96 has a smooth professional exterior with a smooth bi-directional sliding action which make the N96 even more swish.  This device, while expensive holds it's own as both a cell phone, multimedia device, digital camera and style icon.

I know it sounds vain, but i dare any man to look at this phone and not want the Nokia N96, with it's beautiful looks and polished style!

On top of its smooth slider the Nokia N96 has firm but easy click to it's buttons, a strong flat style joystick and specialist media buttons to give you pure efficiency as well as style,

Nokia N96 Connectivity

The Nokia N96 helps you to incorporate this with the least of hassle by providing an inbuilt 16GB flash drive, with an option for you to add up to 16GB more at a later date, giving you a possible total of 32GB of storage space on your Nokia N96 device!

The Nokia N96 cell phone really does give you unlimited communication options.  With GPRS, Edge and 3G (In Europe) you have true freedom for your web surfing, however on top of that you have WiFi support, Bluetooth and USB.  You may soon find however that your USB connection becomes redundant as your phone can automatically sync with your PC or laptop over it’s WiFi connection every time you enter the room.

To tie in with that the Nokia N96 has some fantastic e-mail support, with it’s inbuilt e-mail client you can access video, music, images and document attachments with ease!  The Nokia e-mail client supports SMTP, IMAP, POP3 and more, not to mention Mail for Exchange

Nokia N96 Mobile Cell Phone Entertainment!

When you have done with your e-mail you can go and Browse the web with the Nokia N96 full HTML web browser.  This beautiful piece of web browser software is a great tool for surfing the net on the move!  Unlike the original iPhone this browser supports things like Flash, which caused huge upset to those who first bought the iPhone!

If you have had enough of surfing the web  then you can always settle down with a good book, the Adobe PDF Viewer on the N96 will let you see the majority of online e-books available!

The Nokia N96 does support mobile TV, be warned however that this will come at a cost, so nice as the idea is, many prefer to leave this option untouched!  The Mobile TV is a nice function to have, though it may be helpful to point out that TV on the N96 is still in the early stages, and like all  tv on cell phone technology, it can be expensive and poor quality.

The Music really is one of the key features of the N96.  While you can slide down the phone to call and text as per normal, if you slide it up you are presented with four basic media buttons to give you quick access to your music controls.  The inbuilt music player supports MP3, AAC, eAAC3 and WMA plus album art for your music.  All this combined with the inbuilt 16GB storage makes the Nokia N96 a beautiful finctional media player as well as a cell phone!

The music player itself has a stunning easy to use equalizer and the Nokia N96 comes with the Nokia Music application, letting you download thousands of songs!  If that was not enough the N96 has an inbuilt FM radio as well as compatibility with thousands of internet radio stations!

As with many phones of the Nokia N-Series the N96 as a 3.5mm headphone socket letting you choose exactly the headphones you want.  Custom headphone jacks in mobiles are actually one of my biggest pet peeves!

Nokia N96 for Work

The Nokia N96 is not just for fun though, with plenty of applications for spreadsheets, documents or presentations you get true working freedom on the move. While most cell phones can deal with some very basic work applications the Nokia N96 has some fully functional working abilities, be warned though, the screen is small and maneuvering is difficult.

Cell phones will never replace laptops for mobile working, the Nokia N96 comes damn close though!

Finding where you are with the Nokia N96 GPS Maps

The good news is that when you are on the move with the Nokia N96 you will never get lost, with it’s inbuilt GPS receiver, Nokia maps and free downloads of maps for over 150 countries you can Find exactly where you need to be, with overlays or satellite imagery!

For a small additional fee you can get voice guided driving directions and walking directions complete with city guides for you to make the most of your travels with the n96, wherever they take you.

The GPS is a fantastic function and I am hoping it becomes standard in cell phones soon, with GPS in your Cell Phone you need never get lost again!

Nokia N96 Camera

Last but not least you have one of the fantastic N-Series 5 mega pixel cell phone cameras, providing stunning quality photos and beautiful imagery no matter how inexperienced you are at holding a camera.  With full fast automated focus and flash you can take instant clear pictures at the click of a button!  The clear pristine images provided by the Nokia N96 camera provide you with the true combination of cell phone and digital camera for those who want to carry around just one device!

The N96 camera uses a special Carl Zeiss Lens that gives sharp clear images, this is a great improvement over many other cell phone camera phones which have a cheap plastic lens.  The Nokia N96 can also take videos and has a huge range of photo editing solutions built in to let you get the best out of you cell phone pictures!

The N96 also incorporates a great new feature called GEO tagging, with this enabled any picture you take will automatically be tagged with your locations to a set level of detail, to town, city or country!


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      Very informative hub, Thanks for sharing this.