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Wifi Networking Technologies:

Updated on November 6, 2014

Wireless Technolgies

As we can feel the need and advantages of the internet, and we are using now a day some terminologies in the field of networking, i.e WLAN, WMAN, and WWAN and these all three has their recognized standards from the IEEE as well as there are some more terminologies, i.e WBAN, WPAN, WTAN and these are all six (6) techniques are being used commonly for the internet or communication.

But now we want to use the internet as fast as it could be, because now we are not dealing with bytes to transfer the data trough the signals, by the way we are dealing with the Tera bytes. And the transfer rate we need in Giga hertz. So there should be a fastest technology for the transfer of the data. That’s why the University of Edinburgh professor Harald Haas research on the light bulb moment for the wireless web. Like this the new technology comes on the road as LI-FI to replace the Wi-Fi on some places.

Importance of Wifi Technologies

Now a days every one just want to be connected but without wires. Because it is costly and very hard to be connect with wire connection internet. Wifi is every where, because now a days. Branded companies are trying to create or made high speed and high range connection routers, switches and hubs. These all works with wifi and we should know one thing. The connections or working with wires will not be fully finished or end. Because at some places we need them. As if we talk about the local area networks (LAN) in this case we need it. And we know that wires connection provide a high speed or highest speed of internet.

Thinking about the wires worth and their finishing seasons, i think it is stupid. Don't get bore from the wires, because at some places we need them. And Wifi is important for in range or wide area network connections. As there are lot of types of Wifi connections. And these all connections help us to get a good internet. Access of internet with good and usable speed is happen with the help of Wifi Technology. There are some security side effects because hackers now know how the Wifi Technology is being used, and they also know that how it is being access. That's why many hackers became successful to hack the wifi. And the security depends on the wifi routers, that's why the wifi brand companies are working day by day on their brands security.

One day the hackers will be confused to make algorithms to hack somethings, It will be possible if researchers do research and make some secure algorithms. The wifie importance is being increase day by day. That's why we need security at a high level. These all things are possible if researchers do their research and they provide some good and high level secure algorithms, and their research should be state forward to wifi connectivity. Because if connection lost, so the saved cookies and many data can be steal as being a middle man hacker.

Wifi is necessary to be at every where, because now mobiles are being used like personal computers. And users need internet every where, these all troubles and problems of internet use will be end by the help of access and connectivity of Wifi Technology every where.

Internet for everyone

Now a days, everyone is using internet either on mobile or tablets and personal computers. But some people who are unable to use internet, and they are paying high cost or price to use internet. As there are social media websites like: twitter, facebook, linkedin and many others. And these social websites are became part of life. And people want to share their data, their privacy, their feelings, their events, their occasions, and many things. That's why they want internet with high speed but it should be with low price. Engineers, internet provider companies and manufacturers are trying their best to provide a low price or cost internet with high bandwidth to their customers.

It is a new idea in internet technology as LI-Fi, when wireless internet came. It brings a revolution in internet market. Now it will be the Li-Fi term to bring revolution, and great a good and cheap market for internet users. The internet for everyone is now days become slogan because companies want users, and users need internet access every where. So if we connect Wifi Technology with LIFi internet technology. So the slogan will be successful.

Wireless Communication

LI-FI (Light Fidelity):

The term Li-Fi is being used on the VLC (visible light communication) and it is being used in wireless computer networking, as in appearance there are advantages of the Li-Fi than Wi-Fi. The LI-FI is working on the wireless communication systems with the help of the light as a carrier, as there is a traditional of the radio frequencies, which are being used in the Wi-Fi.

We can define LI-FI in other simple words, such as the LI-FI is established a new technology which will be used to create links to communicate with physical bodies using the LED lighting Networks. There are IEEE interaction standards and the LI-FI comes under the IEEE 802.15 standard, which is designed or established by the IEEE comity since 2011.

Working Technology

Li-Fi is includes in communication speeds which are sub-gigabit and gigabit class, these are for short, long and medium ranges or distances. But it transfer data unidirectional and bidirectional by the help of line-of-sight and diffusing of links and also much more as reflections. And reflections is important to be occur in this technology because it is working on LED light bulb that depends on the intensity faster, if we compare it with human eye which can follow it. Li-fi is a internet and fast access new technology of internet. People will be feel ease to use it, because it will provide him internet every where with help of Wifi technology and speed connectivity.


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