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New Rules at Bubblews - Updated

Updated on March 26, 2015


Bubblews is a social networking site where you can earn money for writing your thoughts. It's similar to Twitter in that you have some restrictions on the amount of characters, although their's requires a minimum of four hundred characters per post.

Bubblers, the official term for those who post at the site, earn money by getting likes, views, or comments on their posts. They earn one penny for each of those. The pennies will add up over time.

The posts only allow one photo and they provide a database (Pixabay) for you to use photos from, but you should put that 'photo by pixabay' in the article somewhere. There is a ten post limit per day.

Users can connect to other users and see who posts in a notifications tab. There you can see who has liked or commented on your post.

Change Number One

Bubblews discovered that users were able to do a work-around of their ten post limit by going in and editing previous posts and re-posting them. Some users were re-posting hundreds of posts per day to garner more interest, likes, and views.

Their solution to this was to limit the ability to edit any posts to a few hours after you make the post. Some users cried a little about discovering errors in posts and wanting to fix them, but all-in-all, it solved the flooding of people's notifications tab by people re-posting stories.

Change Number Two

Bubblews moved to a 'Featured' post that they lock onto their homepage for up to twenty-four hours. If you get one of these, you can make anywhere from five dollars to twenty dollars from one post because all of their members typically land on the homepage at some point during the day.

Getting one of these featured posts means you can earn a lot more money than your typical posts.

Change Number Three

This one was a good one. They allowed you to click on the like button in your post to see who had gone in and liked it. This allowed you to go back and see every single person who had liked your post.

Previously, you had to track your notifications tab to see everyone who liked a post, and sometimes it escalated so quickly that there wasn't enough time to go back and give a like to each and every user on your like list.

Change Number Four

Another positive change for Bubblews is they allowed you to post a YouTube link in your post and the video would automatically show up when you hit the submit button. This change allowed more content than just words and one picture for each post and got them more attention.

Change Number Five

This latest change was very significant as they locked out a lot of the users who spend twenty-four hours a day on the site liking everything in site. Two users really stood out - &Zhao and &Zhang.

Anything you posted, they were on the list of people who liked it. Anything. Man kills cute kitten - like. Flesh-eating bacteria for sale - like. It didn't matter, they were there.

So when they banned these users, the average earnings per post went down for everyone.

Change Number Six

The latest round of changes was pretty dramatic. One of the largest was to adjust payments for each interaction (views, likes and comments) to match the international advertisement rates, as that is how we as a company earn revenue, which is what we in turn share with the community. This means that the geographic location of an interaction on your post will be based off of those advertisement rates.

They are also no longer showing views because Bubblews is a platform that is about being a community and interacting with one another, so they are shifting compensation to be more based on the actual interactions that occur by members on the site. They assure you though, you all are still being compensated for every view, like and comment that your individual posts receive.

However, the Bubblews team will be monitoring and will make adjustments to do what's best to help the Bubblews community flourish. This last sentence should scare the living heck out of all their users.

The last change they snuck in is that they moved from a fifty dollar threshold to only being able to redeem once a month. They were having trouble keeping up with everyone who was submitting redeems, so in order to spread them out, a once per month rule was put in.

Bubblews Tutorial

My Thoughts When I First Published This Hub

Being from the United States, they have been good about getting out the payments that have been due to me. Since joining the site in mid-July, I have earned about $550, $300 which has been paid and another $250 that is due in the upcoming weeks.

Each time I hit the redeem button to let them know I have reached their payment threshold, I take a photo of it as backup, in case I need to follow up with them at a later date. The one thing I heard people complaining about was when they had a site change or update, the redemption of money can tend to get lost in the shuffle, so I do that as backup.

I haven't needed to use them yet. My payments have been showing up in my PayPal account every thirty to thirty-six days. The company has been good about paying out, so I keep on writing. Currently, I'm averaging about $200 a month at the site.

My Newest Thoughts

So I published this Hub a few weeks ago. Since then, Bubblews skipped one of my payments so I had to file a claim using the screenshots I take with my phone. No telling if they'll ever find it.

And with the new payment system, I went from about fifty dollars a week to twenty. The likes, comments, and views all appear to no longer be worth a full penny, but half of that, at best. You may put in the time, but you will not earn very much money at the site any more.

Many of the long-time users there are saying the same things. It's not worth the time and effort any more to write there. For me, I am going to write the stories, but not spend any time liking or viewing other people's work. It's just not worth the effort. If my words make money, that's great. If I start to not be followed, that's fine too.

One Final Change

On the New Year, Bubblews put one last nail in the coffin. They told all users that payments prior to November 11th would not be honored. Their claim was that too many people were scamming the system and no one would get old payments.

They also dramatically cut their payment scale so that each post makes about five cents unless it is a featured post. But Arvind was so busy defending the site, that he took up about half of the featured posts. So the money making opportunity at the site was gone.

Where once users would get about thirty likes or more a post, that number has moved to about fifteen likes. The revenue generation is completely gone for the users. The only profit is for management and many people have, like myself, have left the site.


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    • Lady Guinevere profile image

      Debra Allen 2 years ago from West By God

      I quit and took all my bubbles off of there. I am still owed $100.95. They told those who had redemption prior to November 11, that they would not be paid due to the amount of spamming. I NEVER spammed anything over there. I do NOT trust them AT ALL. I will never go back to writing for them to help them make money off of me. One thing that I did notice though is that when they stopped all those payments....about 2 months later they got the Mobile Apps going. Arvind is so up his behind that he cannot see a thing, if you know what I mean by that. He is one arrogant idiot!!

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i had been there over 1.5 years, still thinking whether to continue or not.

    • seraphic profile image

      Seraph 3 years ago from Canada

      I was thinking about writing over there for an experiment to try to start with my back-linking process, but have not ventured yet. Thanks-for the eye-opener!