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New Trent IMP 120d Portable Charger

Updated on March 30, 2013

For many people in today's fast paced world, finding a method to recharge your technology items on the go can be a real challenge. Whether you're using an iPhone or some other type of smartphone, a tablet, a computer, or any other type of portable electronic devices that require charging, finding an outlet for charging these useful items is an obstacle that can now be bypassed.

If you are someone who often finds themselves in a tough situation or a problematic one due to losing power in your electronic productivity and communication devices, then this article could potentially change your life. Many people's lives have already been revolutionized through the use of a relatively new device by a company called New Trent, which is the IMP 120d iCarrier portable charger.

Where Does This Portable Charger Originate From?

Headquartered in Fremont, California, New Trent is a relatively new company. This company has existed for about five years now, providing customers with a variety of different electronics related products. Their IMP 120d iCarrier portable charger is no exception to the company's already well established reputation; according to New Trent, this is a product that can be counted on to provide its owner with a capacity to consistently re-charge their iPods, iPads, and other popular portable electronic devices.

Since cell phones and portable computer oriented devices tend to require a lot of power, the idea of having a portable charger was introduced to the market several years ago. The iCarrier by New Trent represents the progress that has been made within the realm of portable chargers since their introduction. For all of those individuals who are looking for a viable way to easily recharge their portable electronics while on the go, this New Trent manufactured iCarrier is a product that can satisfy this need.

Product Details and Reported Results Using This Portable Charger by New Trent

is a product that can certainly deliver on its basic premise of helping to re-charge electronic items while on the go. The sheer volume of power than can be stored in this relatively small unit is surprising; there is more than enough power capable of being stored in this unit to accommodate almost all portable electronic devices. This unit comes equipped with two outlets; one of them is 5V/1A, and this outlet is set up for charging iPods, phones, and other portable electronic devices that tend to be charged by plugging them into a computer USB port.

The other outlet included on this product is 5V/2A, which is designed to accommodate such devices as Kindles, cameras, iPads, and other assorted tablet products. This is truly a broad range of capability for such a small device, no matter who is assessing this unit. In addition to being very small and lightweight, this portable charger also carries with it an affordable price tag.

Some consumers who have already purchased and have had experience using this portable charger option by New Trent are saying that this product can work exceptionally well for road trips, and other travel situations when an alternate power source can truly be useful and also prevent a lot of unneeded worry and anxiety.

Actual Product Reviews for the iCarrier by New Trent

Found on the actual company website, there are a number of reviews which correspond to the IMP 120d portable charger. Overall, most of these reviews are positive, although there are some less than satisfied reviews (not very many). For the benefit of those consumers interested in possibly buying this powerful portable charger, a couple reviews taken directly from New Trent's website will now be introduced:

Review by Matt (Posted on 1/18/13): Things that I really like about this product are the compact design, its ability to charge any of the devices I have at home (iPad, iPod, iPhone, Galaxy S3, etc.), and the speed with which this product can charge my devices.

The design is nice, compact and professional. It easily fits inside of my book bag, and the charger also comes with its own handy carrying case. The lighting system on this product is very impressive, and the colors on the display are great.

I really like how I can charge my phone with it after a long day at school and also charge my iPad with it simultaneously. This product is incredibly convenient; I give it a 5 star rating.

Review by Dylan (Posted on 1/12/13): I was originally drawn to this product by the large 12,000mAh capacity at a very affordable price, as well as the great reviews associated with it. I have found competitive products that do pretty much the same thing, only their price tags are significantly more than the asking price of New Trent's iCarrier portable charger.

I did, however, have an issue with my unit where one of the charge ports was not functional. This turned out not to be a big problem though, since when I sent the unit back to New Trent for evaluation, they simply sent me a new fully functional unit, free of charge.

Advice for Buying an iCarrer

Some advice to consider when getting ready to purchase your very own iCarrier by New Trent portable charger might be the fact that a customer will get a better deal on their portable chargers if they decide to buy multiple units at one time. For example, if a customer wants to buy one of these units from New Trent's website, they have the option of either buying one unit for almost $80.00, or they could buy ten units at a price of only $72.00 per unit. Another piece of advice to consider is that buying your iCarrier online instead of in a store can, generally speaking, save you a bit of money on the price.

Final Verdict for the iCarrier Charger by New Trent

After considering all of the product specifications and reviews, the verdict is in for the iCarrier. For its small price tag of less than $100 dollars, its compact and lightweight design, its 12,000mAH power level, and its powerful recharging capacity of roughly 6 re-charges per use, this unit receives a thumbs up.


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