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New Usage Patterns with Mobile VoIP

Updated on August 9, 2011

Wireless Mobile VoIP

Wireless data plans have always played second fiddle to their wired cousins. Whether or not this is a genuine separation of functionality or one imposed by the carriers out of fear of cannibalization is now a moot point. The fact remains that people's usage patterns of wireless data plans is different from that which they exhibit on their home computers and this has led people to change they way they use services such as mobile VoIP which are by definition linked to smartphones and wireless plans.

However, other things have been changing as well and it's quite possible for those using mobile VoIP to take advantage of these changes and develop a new paradigm for talking over the Internet entirely. Two factors are driving this change.

The first is the rise in the ubiquity of wifi. Every home and office today is wifi enabled. This is not only free (read unmetered,) but is also blazingly fast - just as fast as a wired connection for all practical purposes. Since most people spend the majority of their time at home or office, this free and powerful Internet connection is available to them nearly all the time.

Fast Mobile VoIP
Fast Mobile VoIP

Mobile Usage Patterns

The second factor is the newly imposed wireless data caps by most of the carriers. These data caps will ensure that a lot of people switch over to the available wifi networks when making their calls and indeed browsing the Internet whenever they're at home or in the office. People can even save their battery by switching off their wireless radio by putting it into airplane mode and turning on their wifi.

What we need is an app which detects either known or free wifi connections and when it finds one, to switch to it and put the plane into airplane mode. But when no such connection is available, it must switch off wifi and turn on the wireless radio. This makes the most efficient use of the Internet while making mobile calls. Wifi also allows us to use HD voice VoIP services without worrying about the bandwidth.

As a business, you can integrate mobile VoIP by subscribing to affordable hosted PBX VoIP systems and providing wifi at your office to allow your employees to talk on the move. Your ITSP will probably have their own mobile VoIP application which will allow you to connect to the proxy servers without additional set up.


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