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New features of the iphone

Updated on July 13, 2010

I recently received my new iPhone 4.0, with the innovative iOS 4, the newest software release coming from Apple.

As a long time user of Apple products, including the iPhone, I was anxious to see the new features that this update of the iPhone would bring to the table. I have to say, however, the the resulting iPhone 4.0 was above my expectations in terms of functionality and user iteraction.

I will quickly list some of the reasons why I think the iPhone 4.0 is very worthy the update:

Some new features of iPhone 4.0

A better display: the previous iPhone already have a good display, but it still looked like the common display of a cell phone: problems with the general colors of images, small definition of the screen, etc.

The iPhone 4.0, however, changed everything in terms of quality of display. The new display of the iPhone is comparable to the display of a laptop, just smaller. The screen is capable of displaying large images and documents. I am now able to read PDF files without much problem. This would be difficult to do in most smart phones, but in the iPhone is just a breeze.

Better handling of multitask: in the new version of the iPhone, applications can run in the background. The reason this is important is that we don't need to close an application to run another. The transition between applications is possible, and it is really smooth.

The most common example of concurrent applications is between the a web browser and a word processor, for example. If you want to look up some information, you can just click on a link and the web browser will appear. No need to quit an application in order to go to the next one.

More battery: the battery on the iPhone has now more juice than ever. I can use it for extended periods of time, and sometimes I need to recharge only after two days. It is really great when I don't need to keep recharging every few hours.

The previous version of the iPhone (3G) was great, but I didn't like the fact that I need to recharge so frequently. Having a cellular that can work without a recharger for at least a few hours is great!

Better Design: The iPhone is, after all, all about design. With the new iPhone I think they came back to the origins of the iPod designs where it was more square and with few exterior elements. The iPhone 4.0 delivers a better design overall than the previous generation.

It is faster: Yes, it is. Maybe this should go as the number one item, and it has been that important. Other cell phones look like a turtle compared to the speed of this iPhone. I can't even go back to the iPhone 3G without getting the feeling that it was sooo slow. The iPhone 4.0 is better specially for images, videos, and large web pages (the speed also helps in using less battery).

So, all in all, after paying the standard $199 for the upgrade, I feel that I got a great bargain.


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