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Gadgets for future

Updated on December 10, 2016


Technologies grows day by day by introducing new and effective gadgets in the market that can do work within seconds and we are habitual to gadgets now a days. Gadgets plays crucial role in one's life and without it we can't imagine our life as we are totally depend on it. We all having a fantasy of living without doing anything and gadgets will help us in doing this by reducing our work. Like in previous times if we want to calculate big number of digits it was taking hell lot of time but after introducing calculator it can calculate huge number of digits within seconds. Here in this article I am going to show you the top five gadgets that brings revolution in future but before getting started we all must have to know what exactly the gadget is?

What is the gadget?

A gadget is a small machine which is design to perform a task or a function in a simple way at a very fast speed. Its basically a technological device that helps people to perform a task within a short period of time with full comfort and without having any problem.

Here are the top five gadgets which helps you a lot

Project Glass from Google:-

Google released its must awaited augmented reality glasses. It looks more like a headset as supposed to glasses. It like a eye wear glass having capability of taking pictures and videos having a small screen where we can see the pictures or videos that sets in front of the right eye, a forward facing video camera, a speaker and the single button on the side. It would likely contain a microphone as well.

Google put together a short video showing some of the features of google glass. The first step into the truly augmented reality world. At the moment it doesn’t look like the glasses that offer the true augmented reality experience that we are hoping for. In the future we may see glasses have video screens that cover your entire view so that the true augmented reality experience can be achieved. My vision off AR glasses is one that uses 3D camera tracking and 3D computer models on top of real objects.


The nest, a digital thermostat that does not cause any negative effect in the atmosphere as it is completely Eco-friendly. Nest is a very popular device among all the age groups. Like kids buying nest for their parents. The nest is the second version of the previous nest. The new nest is 20 % thinner and its body made up from stainless steel, so to hold this device gives you a classy look. The device is used to heat the room according to a suitable temperature.

The gadget posses two wireless connectivity having sensors that controls the weather, temperature and humidity. You can easily control the gadget from your cell phone. There is only one button to operate if you want to do any manual action.

XBOX 720:-

You can find many high end gaming console in the market and XBOX is one of the them. The gaming console XBOX is developed by Microsoft. The first gaming console XBOX released in many countries on different dates like in North America it was released on 15 November 2001, in Japan released on 22 February 2002 and in Australia and Europe released on 14 March 2002.

After lot of success of XBOX 360 Microsoft has developed another version of XBOX i.e, XBOX 720. The specification of the all new XBOX 720 is as follows

The new XBOX have 8 CPU cores running at 1.6 GHZ. The XBOX 720 also has 8 GB of RAM and running a custom Direct X 11.1 class 800-MHZ graphics processor. It also have 500 GB of HDD which is not bad for an XBOX 720 gaming console. Another good thing is that as a default it supports BLUE-RAY. The GPU power is higher than the PS4 it has 18 computer units. Overall it is the best consoles available in the market right now.

Basis Band:-

Basis band is also one of the great gadget. There are many device available in the market based on the wearable concept and the basis band is the perfect example of this technology. The basis band is looking like an ordinary watch but in reality it is a fitness tracker that tracks your steps and also will track your sleep pattern. It also even monitors your heartbeat as well as your sweat perspiration and the temperature of your skin during the workouts.

The great thing about this device is you can easily connect the device with your Android and Smartphones by using an app which is available online. One of the unique things about the basis band that separates it from other fitness trackers is that it records your sleeps automatically and you don’t have to actually kick the device as in sleep mode before you go to bed. The price of the device is approximately $199 dollar.

Oculus Rift:-

You can find many games that is based on virtual reality concept and to fulfill this need one of the most interesting gadget is developed which is called Oculus rift. The design of Oculus rift is just like a headset that change the way of gaming forever. The Oculus rift has a high resolution display, head tracking and wide field of view that enables you to play your game in more deeply way so that you are able to explore new techniques and new things.


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