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Newest Garmin GPS models 2016

Updated on November 6, 2015

In newest garming GPS models 2016 I will shortly look at 5 of Garmin's best new GPS units. Most Garmin owners use their GPSs in their cars and Garmin has the nüvi line for them.The nüvi navigators are divided into 3 groups. The first number of the GPS navigator designation, indicates which category the navigator falls into. A 3 indicates the premium high tech group, a 2 indicates a middle of the road unit and if it's a 1 the device is a simple budget one. So for instance the Garmin nüvi 3760T is a high tech premium GPS.

Top rated Garmin GPS 2016
Top rated Garmin GPS 2016

Garmin nüvi 3760T

What makes this portable navigator more noticeable than a lot of its competitors is its screen. It give a clear, sharp and bright image, which is easy to see in most conditions.

Garmin have adapted the iPhone design for this portable navigator and the Garmin nüvi 3760T offers views both in landscape and portrait. It is really easy to adjust whether to zoom in or out and changing the perspective or rotating a map is a doddle. It is not so easy to go to other GPS interfaces though.

This little gadget is very portable and slips easily into a pocket for safe keeping. Some users have encountered problems with their new units which give out wrong information. This definitely needs to be sorted out by Garmin. Technical problems will happen when you are implementing innovative new technologies. If you want a more reliable GPS check out the next one.

It looks like a SmartPhone and is supposed to act like one by remembering routes and plan out better ones for future trips. The GPS works well as long as it is not too cloudy. But in general terms this little gadget is a very useful tool to have in the car.

Garmin nüvi 2460LMT 5-Inch

This is an ultra thin navigator which has a much improved interface compared to its predecessors. Having a GPS Navigator with Bluetooth and traffic receiver incorporated into the nüvi 2460LMT makes it a powerful little gadget. The graphic card is a great improvement and the new slider on the menu is easy to use.

The nüvi 2460LMT has loads packed into this very thin little case, it is a good quarter size smaller than other models of navigator on the market. The nüvi 2460LMT is a great little navigator to use ,which will get anyone where you need to go, using the most direct route to the destination.

Garmin nüvi 1695 5-Inch Portable Bluetooth Navigator

After a few initial hiccups which had something to do with the firmware installed in it, this little gadget has gained a lot of fans. It does seem to happen frequently with high tech electronic gadgets, that new products have problems which get sorted out after the initial release. The 1695 is loaded with features which make life easier, when it comes to traveling.

It has a bigger screen, which is helpful if you have problems seeing details on the smaller GPS units. The Lifetime Map Updates package makes this portable navigator a very good buy with a reasonable price tag. Its design is not as innovative as some of the recent models that have appeared on the market, but the larger screen and extra features make it an attractive option.

Newest handheld Garmin GPS 2016
Newest handheld Garmin GPS 2016

Garmin GPSMAP 62 Handheld GPS Navigator

The Garmin GPSMAP portable claims to be the perfect navigator for use either on land or at sea. It boasts a 256 color TFT display that can be read even in bright sunlight.

With this navigator boats can know exactly where they are and plot courses really easily. The Course Deviation Indicator will tell quickly and accurately if boat has wandered off course and then help you navigate back to the right course. It has uses external NMEA sources to report depth, water temperature and speed. The electronic compass always gives an accurate reading.

The Garmin GPSMAP claims to be reliable and with the reputation that Garmin has for producing great portable navigators this is to be expected. A great feature is that it is compatible with BlueChart Maps and MapSource data cards can be used with it. It connects with a USB cable to the computer for easy transfer of files.

The autoroute basemap feature can be updated with an optional kit. This kit includes a data card and City Navigator maps. It is easy to upload and contains over six million city addresses including hotels, restaurants, train stations and many other destinations.

This portable navigator is a sturdy little piece of equipment that does its job, well both for use on the roads and when plotting a course at sea.

New wrist Garmin GPS unit 2016
New wrist Garmin GPS unit 2016

Forerunner 410

The Forerunner 410 is a great tool for serious runners and cyclists. This is the first GPS watch from Garmin that is actually the size of a normal watch.

They have included a heart rate monitor in this model, which is a very handy feature. When you get home you can connect the Forerunner 410 to your PC and analyze all the data from your workout.

The biggest problem with the Forerunner 410 is that the menus are complicated to use until you get use to it. Also in the future I hope they make it waterproof.

I hope you found newest Garmin GPS models 2016 useful.


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