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Newspaper vs. internet

Updated on December 15, 2011

The value of the paper

Some time after the Internet is emerging fast prospect of the print paper had its days numbered. It is anticipated the time when all the news of the world would come to each of us only via digital.
Despite the emergence of iPad and other tablet devices that are so increasingly pronounced in the market which, in fact, become more mobile and information, especially more complete, comprehensive and current, the truth is that the paper will continue. Still going to have to spend many decades to be dispensed to feel the flip of the newspaper or magazine.
Therefore, I would say that there will be a share of quotas. Bigger to the paper.

But, the media on paper will have to reinvent themselves in order to continue using the same platform. They must learn to give back what was previously accepted as normal and now suffers from the knowledge over time through means such as online, radio and television.Yesterday's news that are published in today's edition have to differentiate itself from the standard for decades. How? I also wonder. Perhaps working in anticipation of events and betting in the most complete that motivate the reader to read and save the newspaper.
Moreover, the paper does not break, nor the hard information is lost and disappears, or needs energy to charge to permitting a device connected to access the news. It is so since the first newspapers were published as the first in English, the "London Gazette", which appeared in 1666 in England.

Then, in the digital information is important to separate information associated with newspapers or paper publications and media of the few who choose only to digital, which arises in relation to the world around fruit of democratization of new technologies, and which is made by not a citizen journalist.
This is like I, a journalist by profession, having blood pressure monitor and medicate someone in the light of empirical knowledge, or get up a plane in Flight Simulator and think that I can get a real plane and managed to free him from the floor.
On the digital information must, therefore, to know by whom it is made, given that the journalist has a commitment to the reader who is writing about the truth of the facts.Thus, it is true that no journalist who can write without lying, it is also true that others may lie.

But have no illusions of the potential that the Internet represents the level of information and cross immediately with a series of links that complement the information. However, the time and newspaper circulation figures show that online, actually has not had the impact that was said to happen.
However, I wonder if we are not to exaggerate the dizzying speed of information, as has happened with the phone, which gives no rest.


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    • Paul Berod profile image

      Paulo Camacho 7 years ago from Funchal, Madeira island, Portugal

      PDXBuys, for me, what you write sounds good, because I'm a journalist in a newspaper wich has a associated site.



    • PDXBuys profile image

      PDXBuys 7 years ago from Oregon

      I am a fan of both the internet and newspapers. But there is nothing quite like reading a paper and sipping coffee at Starbucks. A good newspaper is interesting, easy to carry, and doesn't consume batteries. And, if you ask, it is often free. Near closing time, my local coffee shop often gives me free newspapers, cookies, and cupcakes. Life is good.

    • Paul Berod profile image

      Paulo Camacho 7 years ago from Funchal, Madeira island, Portugal

      Dear Ainehannah, I agree with your words. Behind the information hub the adding products panels are useful additions for readers, although, honestly, it provides some money for the writer.

    • ainehannah profile image

      Aine O'Connor 7 years ago from Dublin

      Hi Paul, your panels made me think today. I had been wondering about the value of adding product panels and this (and your hub on credible journalism) reminded me why they're useful additions for readers. Thanks