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Nexenta - NexentaStor VDI Solution

Updated on December 10, 2011

Nexenta Systems Best VDI Solution

photo by MeoplesMagazine of Flickr
photo by MeoplesMagazine of Flickr

The Citrix Ready Storage Challenge 2011 is over and the winners showcase a varying range of options for data virtualization products and in particular solutions that integrate well with Citrix Xendesktop software. Citrix Storage Partner Nexenta took top prize for the most innovative VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) solution beating out various competing storage hypervisors and data solutions to earn the award. Nexenta produces the NexentaStor platform which is the central foundation to the storage virtualization solution as implemented with other Nexenta applications and plugins. It is interesting to take a look at what Nexenta Stor can do for VDI hosting.

NexentaStor version 3.1 is the latest release and like earlier versions there is an enterprise edition, community edition and free trial edition. NexentaStor Enterprise is based on the NexentaOs and the latest version is feature-rich due to the open-source nature of the platform. Based on the OpenStorage movement, NexentaStore is able to stay on the cutting edge of datacenters by community-driven feature superiority while also remaining free from vendor hardware lock-in. Based on Sun Microsystems' ZFS file system, Nexenta VDI deployments enjoy advantages such as inline deduplication, thin provisioning, and of course the solid data integrity that is at the core of the ZFS file system.

Snapshots and zfs cloning can allow for rapid provisioning of thousands of virtual machines while leveraging high performance metrics via NFS, fibre channel, or iSCSI adapters. With ease the user guides Nexentastor into evolving areas of data center trends avoiding such issues as the VDI boot storms that can be a common area of troubleshooting with Xenserver/XenDesktop and conventional data storage solutions. It is the Nexenta Opensolaris underlayer which placed Nexentastor as the most innovative product. A hardware-based solution or even proprietary-based products will find it hard to keep pace with the Mountain View, California based company that can leverage the community of developers to add new features and fix bugs and regressions as quick as they can write the code. Other competitors included EMC, Virtsto, HP, Dell, Atlantis Computing, and Sanbolic. Moving at such a fast pace the Nexenta train may very well take most innovative again in the Citrix Ready Storage Challenge 2012. NexentaStor Community Edition is free for anyone with a maximum storage capacity of 18TB but maintaining such quality features as snapshots, replication, and deduplication. Enterprise Editions provide unlimited storage capacity. NexentaStor may just reduce TCO prices of storage solutions at your datacenter.


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