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Nextbit Robin Full Review

Updated on December 1, 2016

The Phones!

Android has come a long way! There are so many android phones and tablets to choose from. All kind of sizes and all come with different features and exclusive softwares and skins as they call it. They can do some much more than we could ever imagine. Some phones can replace your 7 inch tablet and some tablets can replace your old laptop or PC. Yes, they really can. We are now seeing phones come with 6GB of RAM! MY laptop only has 8GB of RAM! We have tablets with 2K resolution displays and some are so thin that it is not like you are even holding them. This is a great time to be alive. To say you have witnessed the change in mobility from when there were flip phones to phones you can touch the screen and do amazing things with. Now you can turn them into a boom box in your pocket, project movies and TV shows from them and even turn them into storage on the go! So would that mean the USB flash drives are going bye bye? Would we ever need to carry portable hard drives again if our smartphones can hold up to 2TB worth storage with just using a sd card! Could our audio systems in our phones replace those portable bluetooth speakers? Is cloud storage really that useful for an average consumer? One more thing, will smart storage and cloud pick up in the mobile industry? There is a company that is betting on that and wanting to get that reaction. The company is called Nextbit. Robin is the name of their cloud-based android smartphone.

Nexbit Robin

The Nextbit Robin was created and designed to never run out of storage on your device! I know you are asking yourself "Well, how is this possible?". Nextbit integrated the cloud into the Android OS. This will allow your internal storage on the device to merge with the cloud. You won't ever have to worry about storage again. It is there when you need it. This is what important. You won't be wasting any storage on this device at all.

The device will back up your photos and apps data and can restore them at anytime whenever you need it to. The device gets smarter over time for you. It studies your app usage and how you use the device. So whatever you are not using a lot of it will store it in the cloud. The cloud will run while over Wi-Fi when needed. So if you are on a data budget no data will be wasted restoring apps or photos. The way this works is the four led lights on the back will turn on indicating that the cloud is restoring information for you and your apps back onto the device. This also happens if you are needing more storage internally as well.

If you were worried about battery and data drain it wont hurt them while the cloud is running and being put to work. The cloud runs while charging and on Wi-Fi. The battery life and your data will be ok and great and safe with the Robin OS.

The Specs

The Nextbit Robin is nothing but fresh air full of the cloud. So the specs should be just fine with and for what device is built on. You have the Snapdragon 808 on 3GB of Ram, 32GB of internal storage and 100GB of cloud storage. That alone should be more than enough for the majority of consumers today and this phone come with a 13MP rear shooter and a 5MP front-facing camera for selfies. The phone comes equipped with dual speakers. Yes, this phone has some nice front speakers on it. They are called dual amplifiers. The device even includes its own exclusive equalizer for stereo settings and in-ear headphones. This is called the Snapdragon Audio+. This enhances the sounds of your audio. If you love Android Pay the phone has this also. The phone has USB Type C 2.0. So it isn't the latest. But, I managed to fully charge this phone in about a little over 1 hour from 0-100%. So the USB C 2.0 isn't bad. The phone screen is at 5.2" with a 1080p IPS LCD display and gorilla glass 4. It has a finger printer ID sensor. The fingerprint sensor is on the power button. The same location as you would find in a Sony Xperia XZ.

Its Unlocked!

The Nextbit Robin gives you the freedom out of the most. The device is unlocked for using At&t and T-Mobile services. Although it is only using GSM at this time you are more than able to run services like cricket, Metro PCS, Net10, and even FreedomPop! This is a great phone to have a prepaid plan on with.

The ROM Monster!

This section is for you root nerds out there. The phone bootloader is also fully unlocked! So if you dont like how the Robin OS works and run for you, you are more than welcome to customize this device of your liking. After all, you should want a product that works and runs the way you want it to. Worried about this going against your warranty of the device, no worries. It won't hurt your warranty.

The Nextbit Robin running on Android Nougat
The Nextbit Robin running on Android Nougat

Android Nougat Beta For Nextbit Robin

Just over a week ago, the company Nextbit shared some exciting news to its Robin users. The team from Paranoid Android (PA) collaborated with Nextbit for the Android Nougat beta. This beta is now live and ready to be installed onto your Robin device. They have promised that with the Android Nougat beta 7.0 that this is to improve your device performance and battery life. New enhancements and improvements also will come to their cloud and smart storage as well. Android 7 comes with split screen views, new animations, a new settings menu, will allow your device to push updates automatically and much more under the hood. If you would like to know more about the new beta from Nextbit and Android Nougat you can check out the official sites. The links will be available below.

Is It Worth Buying Right Now?

There are a lot of great devices out now. Even at year's end. From the Pixels to Moto Mods to phones that have 6GB of RAM (OP3T). While this device is using a one-year-old processor with mid-range specs the decision is really up to the consumer and user. Compared to the Nexus 5X and between and Nexus 6P or Moto X Pure Edition with the price of the Nextbit Robin in Mint and Midnight Black being as low-priced as $149.99 Brand New! This should be a no-brainer to a lot of Android fans that wanting to have a device that runs on the latest Android OS Nougat.

Nextbit Robin Full Review (Official Video)

The Battle of the budget phones (official video)

Nextbit Robin Factory Unlocked GSM Smartphone - Mint
Nextbit Robin Factory Unlocked GSM Smartphone - Mint

The definition of a Real Smartphone. The Nextbit Robin. It is a awesome phone the app and photo hoarders.



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