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Nextlink invisio G5 smallest Bluetooth Headset review

Updated on March 13, 2012

First Look

NextLink Invisio G5 is one of the smallest Bluetooth headset which can be bought today. The Danish manufacturer is a well known name on the market providing high quality products. With Invisio G5 they concure for the smallest Bluetooth headset on the market. So let's see if it provides satisfaction to consumers, if it's the best bluetooth headset in the world because it's that small and looks that good.

Looking like the head of robot dog, it has a clear modern design, measures 1.3 by 0.63 inch and weighs 0.013 oz. Like all Bluetooth headsets it has three controllers: the multifunction button and the two volume controllers. The talk button, located on top, is easy to use, offering o good feed back, while the volume buttons, located on either side of the headset, are a little harder to press. And this might be uncomfortable for some users, because if they are pressed harder the headset will move.

Nextlink Invisio G5
Nextlink Invisio G5

In depth

The Invizio G5 uses Nextlink's patented soft springs which provide a firm grip, by following the inside of the cochlea. They are made of rubber, come in two sizes and their position can be changed in order to fit the ear in which you like to wear the headset. 

Invisio G5 isn't just a small headset, it also comes with a lot of features: answering, rejecting or ending a call which we can find on all Bluetooth headset, but there are more: voice call, conference calls, putting a call on hold.  And the sound quality is pretty high, the headset works well even in louder or windy environments, but it isn't equipped with a noise-cancellation so don't expect to use it in a nightclub. 

NextLink Invisio G5 has a charging-case which can be used as a carrying case also and offers a range of 4 hours of talk time and 20 hours for standby mode. The good thing is that the case has its own battery which allows you to recharge the headset when you are on the move.

If you are looking for a small, lightweight Bluetooth headset, which offers good sound quality, is comfortable to wear for long periods of time, plus it can be recharged even if you don't have a power source, this the Nextlink Invisio G5.


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