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Nexus 5X and Project Fi Full Review

Updated on April 14, 2016

Nexus 5x Back

The Rebirth of the Nexus 5

The Nexus 5X is the rebirth of the original Nexus 5 from 2013. It is also by LG again with all the bells and whistles from Google including the best and latest software of Android, Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. It’s been about 6 months now since its release and had its fair share of TV ads and even promotional price drops! The latest price drop and promotion ha been targeted to user in the Project Fi community or even to get new customers to give Google’s phone service a spend.

For a month or so, Google has been promoting the Nexus 5X and as well as the Nexus 6P for a low price if you add the phones to a project fi phone plan which uses 2 major carriers and connects you to Wifi. (I have a lot of videos and articles on Project Fi, see below.) Included with project fi, you are able to buy the Nexus 5X right out for only $199.99! Yes, that’s right, instead of spending $349, you will only be paying just $199.99! This, of course, is for the 16GB model and you can choose any color. But the 32GB model of the Nexus 5X is just $249 for 50 dollars more. Either way, you couldn’t go wrong. For what you are getting with the Nexus 5X, it’ll be worth the prices.This device is also an unlocked phone which means you also can use any of the 4 major carriers on the Nexus 5X.

The Specs

The Nexus 5X isn’t the more spec out phone compared to the Nexus 6P, but it should be on top of the other devices with a $199-$299 dollar price range such as the Moto X Pure, Moto G 3rd Gen, Honor 5X and the One Plus X phones. The Nexus 5X comes with the same Android software and cameras as the Nexus 6P. The few differences that it has the SnapDragon 808 processor, 2GB of RAM, 16/32GB of internal memory, 5.2 inch 1080p LCD screen, and it is made of plastic. With the 2700 Mah battery and USB C Rapid Charging setup, the battery life is merely more than regular usage.

Google Lg Nexus 5x

The Screen Time!

Screen on time with 100% full charge and full brightness, I can get 5+ hours of screen time. That’s without having heavy usage such as playing a high powered game like Modern Combat 5 or possibly Asphalt 8. Tested out games like Need For Speed, Disney Crossy Road, Crazi Taxi and Sonic Dash, which are just a few games I can just open up and get right into playing. Haven’t tried out Ingress yet, but will update this post once I test it out. Did the phone run hot, you asked? Sure it did. What phone hasn’t run hot with a heavy usage with it? We have to stop looking at phones as gaming consoles and full powered PCs and CD players. Because they are not that.

I have watched Youtube videos on this phone and as well watched my movie and tv collection from the Google Play and the music as well. I listened to the sound quality also. Both viewing and sound is pretty nice for the video to be 1080p and to have one speaker without stereo quality. To me, it sounds decent enough to enjoy on a phone. There has been a lot of controversy with the Nexus 5X only having one speaker in front and no stereo quality sound. Consumers shouldn’t be upset about this at all for the price of the device. LG had to cut some minor things out to make it more affordable. But, you can’t satisfy anyone today. So the sound is great. If you don't like the sound from the phone, there is always Bluetooth and headphones to use.

Speaker Quality Nexus 5 Official Video

Nexus 5X Screen Test Official Video

Rate the Nexus 5X

4.4 out of 5 stars from 5 ratings of Nexus 5X

Battery Life On Par

The battery life of the device is just great. The 5X comes included with USB Type C. The USB Type C brings rapid charging to the phone. No worries about your phone ever dying, unless you allow it too. See, with this new USB rapid charging, you can have your device at 1% and charge it for just 10mins of rapid charging and you still will have 4 hours of usage. This is, in fact, a true statement. Not only that but in Android 6.0 there was this feature called doze mode. Doze is to stop all background usage of apps from running and draining your battery. Now, this is only effective when you have your device sitting still and flat on a table or when you are to go to bed at night and it won’t be in use for some time. This is to only suppose to take away 1% of battery or 2%. With my experience, I have sometimes seen 3-4% lost overnight. It really varies. But, there is also an application on the Google Play store called “Greenify” that suppose to dig deeper than Doze mode itself in the Android system to help out. So far, this application made doze work even better. So, I recommend you all to try Greenify for free if you are not seeing great results. But thanks to Doze and USB C rapid charging, I am charging my about every other day the least. Not 2-3 times a day like you would with other devices.

Nexus 5X and Project Fi Official Video

Nexus Imprint

The fingerprint reader is awesome. I thought I would because the reader is on the back and not only that but the fact that I just feel no matter how you would secure your device, it wouldn’t be safer than the other options that are available. But, I actually like the fingerprint reader and the Nexus Imprint. Now some of you all don’t like the fingerprint reader to be on the back of the device. That is fine and that not everyone will. But what some people have to understand and realize is that your fingers most of the time end up right on the back of the device where the reader is placed. To me, the back of the device is a great place. I also gave it a test to see if it knows my fingerprint by trying to have my father to make an attempt to unlock it with his finger and the system could not read his print. So, this is also a plus. Now, maybe it could because his hands are bigger than mines and that could have had some effect as well. But, it worked. I can also use my fingerprint to purchase apps and movies and things from the Google Play Store instead of inputting my passwords all the time. So this is another plus on the fingerprint reader.

My finger lies on the fingerprint reader on back

The Battle For the Price

What Phone Is Better For the Price of $199-$249?

See results

The Cameras Are the Best Ever on the Nexus!

The camera department on this device is awesome. One of the best cameras I have used on a mobile device. I know a lot of people say the S7 is better and iPhone 6S is better. But the Nexus 5X camera is right up there too. I will have some great pictures and images to share with you all below that I took with the Nexus 5X and you all be the judge. The only thing was a bummer with the 5X cameras is that it didn’t include OIS. So this means your videos recording will be very shaky and out of focus at times. This is a big downside for a great camera to not have. But there is always programs you can download and insert the videos into to edit the shakes out, but, it won’t be the same if you are trying to show off your videos to a friend, family or even co-worker. But overall the 5X has a nice camera.

Nexus 5X 5MP Front Facing Camera shot

Shot With the Nexus 5X 12.2MP Rear Camera

Nexus 5X Video Footage 1080P

Nexus 5X 24 Hours Later!

The Overall Performance

The performance is a major plus for this great device. Since it is a Nexus device, it will always see the latest Android OS updates and upgrades from Google and security patch updates. Google just released Android N Preview 1 last month and the Nexus 5X can also receive this through the new Android Program called “Android Beta Program”. Anyone with a Nexus 6, 5x, 6p, 9, Nexus 9 LTE, Nexus Player, and Android One device. It has 2GB of RAM on board with a SnapDragon 808 processor which is a little bump down from the 810. The 810 had its issues for overheating and although it was updated late in 2015, users have still been dissatisfied with the 810. The 808 processor isn’t on that many flagships but the Moto X pure Edition and G4. But Google and LG worked together to put the 808 on the Nexus 5X. So far, I haven’t felt any unusual heating from the device. Maybe because I haven’t done any hardcore gaming with this device and used it as an average consumer. But the matter of the fact is that device is running very smooth for me and Android M is one of the best OS that Google has released to date.

The Project Fi Experience On Nexus 5X

I also am using Google’s project Fi as my carrier of choice. The project Fi service has been great for me and my use. I have been with Fi for 8 months and I have saved so much money since joining. There have been a lot wonders to this Fi service since T-Mobile and Sprint are the only 2 major carriers and a lot of users want all 4 to be included. But, don’t continue to keep those fingers crossed. This is a project of Google’s and not everyone can get it or should I say won’t settle for it because it is only compatible on 3 phones right now and a few LTE tablets thanks to its Data Only Sim card add-on feature. Let me remind you that the phone plans are $20 for the basic unlimited talk and text and 1GB of Data is $10/month and the max of data is 10GB which will be $100/month + the basic for $20. Now again, if you don’t use up all of your data, Google will credit you the unused data for the next month. So you can say it’s rollover data, but Google won’t charge you for what you don’t use. That is the key to remember when paying your monthly bill. So my monthly bill doesn’t stay the same. Sometimes it low as $25! Just depends on your usage. Now the call quality on the Nexus 5X is on par for me. The callers on the other side can hear me loud and clear and haven’t had any issues with sending pictures and images to relatives and friends. I even tested the service out using Google’s Hangout application which will allow me to merge any contacts conversation via text right into the Google Hangout app and I am able to use my tablet and Windows PC to answer my calls and reply when I am away from my phone. So I won’t miss a call or text. This is a good additional feature for users who like Hangouts and want to just use one app to do everything in. It works very well.

Nexus 5X With Project Fi

The Verdict

The Nexus 5X at the price of 199.99 on Project Fi with a cheap phone bill included is a 10! It really is a win when it comes to what you get out of this full package. Others may not agree because everyone has their opinion and their favorites. But Google to me, in my opinion, has finally gotten things right and on the right track with pricing, product quality and something that everyone can afford without any loopholes or hassles. You have a phone service that will keep you connected through 2 wireless carriers and open Wifi hotspots and a great smartphone to have this connection with. If you don't Google's project Fi after 30 days, you can always switch to another carrier or back to your old carrier. Remember, the Nexus 5X is unlocked to be used with all carriers.


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