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Nexus 7 : How to access Play Books Magazines Movies Music Outside USA

Updated on September 25, 2012

If you have purchased (or planning to purchase) a Nexus 7 to mainly read books and magazines, that means you will be surprised to find out you can't use Google Play Movies, Magazines and Books apps outside U.S.A. Even though I have been frustrated to find out about this after I purchased Nexus 7, I have found a solution and can access all the apps as if I'm a U.S. user.

There are 2 ways of using the Play Magazines, Movies and etc.. The first one is tricking your tablet into thinking you are inside U.S.A. and doesn't require rooting. (with this method you will be also eligible to receive your 25$ Google Wallet credits). Second Method requires rooting but it's a permanent solution and you can defrost your Play Books, Magazines, Movies app anytime you want.

First Method (no Root, Temporary Solution)

  • If you have been using your Nexus 7 already first do a factory reset.
  • Don't enter your Google credentials when asked
  • Uncheck all boxes on next screen (basically they are about using location services which we want to turn off)
  • Go to the settings -> Wireless -> VPN. In this step if you already have a VPN account use the information. If you don't go to enter get the free user name and password. On the VPN settings enter for server name, and enter the user name and password you got from superfree vpn.
  • Connect to the created VPN account. When connected you will see a key icon on the top. (Now you are connected to Internet through a U.S. server and Google will identify you as connected in U.S.)
  • Go to the Accounts settings and enter your Google credentials, you should be able to receive 25$ credit and you should be able to access the Books, Movies, Magazines sections and purchase any item to your Nexus 7.

This method works fine but eventually you will be disconnected from VPN (superfreevpn password changes constantly and not so reliable) or you will use location services. For a permanent solution please see the following solution.

Second Method (Needs Root, Permanent Solution)

In order to use the second method you need to root your Nexus 7. If you don't know how to root your Nexus 7 please follow the step by step guide as instructed in the link box on right column. Once you root your Nexus 7, defrosting your Play Movies, Magazines and Books apps are very easy.

  • Go and install "Titanium Backup" from Play store. this is a very useful app which allows you to back-up your system and settings or uninstall any app you wish.
  • Once you have the Titanium Backup installed open the app and go to the "Backup-Restore" tab. You will see the list of apps there, just go to Google Play Books/Magazines/Books. You will see that those items look gray. Click the app and then click defrost. Voila, you have you app back to your tablet.
  • In order to browse Books, Magazines and Movies you need to access U.S. Play Store. Go to the Settings -> Apps -> Running ->Google Play Store and clear cache.
  • Connect to Internet through VPN (as described above, you can use superfreevpn for free) and you will be able to access U.S. Google Play Store.

Once you complete your purchases you can log out of VPN if you want, even if your apps disappear they are not deleted from your tablet, they are just frozen and you can defrost them with Titanium as described above anytime you want.


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    • profile image

      jjsmith 4 years ago

      Great tips you have here. Or if you want, you can also use a free VPN service such as VPNBook to access geo-blocked web content.

    • profile image

      Mark Ackley 5 years ago

      I am using Hotspot Shield Free VPN to access all blocked content outside US.

      You can access hulu, netflix as well out side US.

      Check it out here: