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Nexus One Falls Short

Updated on January 8, 2010

 Google's Nexus One was introduced Tuesday, the 1st smart phone to be sold directly by google, exclusively online. Building upon an already successful relation ship, the nexus One will be serviced through T-Mobile USA, just like google's first android operating system phone, the G-1. The Nexus one will retail for $179, with unlocked versions available for %529. It will be sold worldwide and been tested in singapre and hongkong.
Nexus one Falls Short
Those who have been holding out might grab the Nexus one over the iphone becuase of the lower price tag, but it's unlikely any iphones users will be trading in anytime soon, For the average user, Nexus one is essentailly an iphone with the added capability of voice recognition.

Phone and data plans for the nexus one and iphone are nearly identical.The basix iphone pricing with unlimited data is about $69.99, $10 cheaper than T-Mobile, but the next step up, with 900-1,000 minutes talk time, is about the same price.



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