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Ninja Pendisk - Protect your usb pendrive from virus with this small software

Updated on July 2, 2012

Ninja Pendisk it's a freeware program that help us to protect our computer fom usb drives virus!

Nowadays people use pendisks (usb drives) at their jobs or schools and when they arrive home, they plug them in the computer and bum... virus! Even when they have an anti-virus installed!

This usually happens because most computers now (with Windows XP or Windows Vista), when you connect you pendrive, they try to automatically detect what type of content it is and to run it. But when they access the pen, they end up activating the virus, which installes itself!

This is where Ninja Pendisk enters, a software developed by a Portuguese programmer, Nuno Brito.

Ninja Pendisk
Ninja Pendisk

Ninja Pendisk

Besides removing the virus from the pendrives, Ninja PenDisk can also imunize your pen to prevent future infections! It's a portable program and it doesn't requires any installation. It also works on Active Directory, allowing administrators to control different users.

Virus list updates are downloaded once a day from the ninja server.

You can check more information and get Ninja Pendisk from it's oficial website:

I really recommend everyone to use this fantastic and free program in your pendrives, usb disks and your computers.

Have you ever been infected?

Has your computer ever been effected by a virus from a pen drive?

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    • profile image

      wagner 7 years ago

      realmente funciona mesmo esta de parabens ,simples e pratico para usar obrigado.