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Nixeus Vue 24-inch Gaming Display

Updated on August 5, 2016

The Nixeus Vue 24" is made with a 24-inch LED panel by AU Optronics. The display runs at 144Hz and is not modified or overclocked, so it runs smoothly at its full refresh rate. The FreeSync 1080P 144Hz display is equipped with a VRR bottom limit of 30 FPS.

Available in two models that can be distinguished by a letter at the end of the model (NX-VUE24B and NX-VUE24A). The NX-VUE24B is made with a basic stand that has a tilt support, while the NX-VUE24A ships with a premium stand that has a full tilt support, height, and rotation.

The Nixeus Vue 24" runs at a regular full high definition (1920x1080p, with 92ppi). The monitor can also run high framerate games, with no need for an expensive video card. Switching on its V-sync is all you have to do to keep the fps from going above 144Hz.

Equipped with a TN panel, the Nixeus Vue 24-inch runs at a Response Time of 1ms Pixel, which is the fastest response time in the display industry today. Paired with a 144Hz refresh rate the display will provide gamers with a fast and smooth gaming experience. More gaming advantage can be gotten from the Low Input Lag as the screen can swiftly execute controller commands without delay.

For aesthetic functionality, the back of the cabinet features VESA-compliant ergonomic slots, which allows the use of external solutions like a monitor stand or mounts with articulate arms or even triple monitor stands for a more immersive gaming experience.


Product Recommendation:

Compared to other gaming displays the Nixeus Vue 24 is pretty plain and doesn't come with any gaming aesthetics. But what it lacks in design, it makes up for with performance and price. As one of the cheapest monitors that is available with a 144Hz Refresh Rate, its FreeSync functionality runs at a full range of 30 to 144 FPS.


  • Resolution - 1920x1080p
  • Size of the monitor’s screen – 24-inch
  • Response time – 1ms
  • Panel type - TN


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