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Noah's ark as a Floating Shelter against earthquake and tsunami

Updated on October 19, 2011
Modern and newly made Noah's ark
Modern and newly made Noah's ark
Noah's ark in the story
Noah's ark in the story
Mr.Shoji Tanaka demonstrating Noah's ark
Mr.Shoji Tanaka demonstrating Noah's ark
Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan
Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

There are different kind of DISASTERS.The word DISASTER comes from a French word Desastre that means a bad or an evil star. It gives misfortune and miseries to humanity. It may be severe or sudden.It is becoming a serious threat to the normal life and severly affecting the growth of the country. The disaster may be geological,climatic or man induced.In that earth quake is a geological disaster.

Earth quake and Tsunami at a glance

It is a natural phenomena which takes place due to the movement of earth’s crust. It is a sudden shaking or vibration in the earth’s crust. The magnitude of earth quake depands on the energy released and is measured on richter scale and the instrument used for recording and measuring the vibrations of an earthquake is called a seismograph.It can cause damage to human life and property on a large scale.The energy stored with the earth’s deeper layers suddenly released in the form of strain in rocks resulting in the earthquakes.The earthquake under the ocean floor sometimes leads to generates powerful sea waves called Tsunami causing great loss to life in the coastal regions. Tsunamis are common along the coast of Japan. It is our social obligation to help those who may have suffered with injuries or trapped inside the buildings.

Important outdoor safety steps

1. Move away from buildings,trees,bridges, fly overs etc.

2. If you are travelling in a vehicle drive slowly and move to an open area where no big buildings,trees, bridges etc.

Important indoor safety steps

1. If you can come out quickly move to an open place like garden or park.

2. If you are in a bed protect your head with the help of a pillow.

3. You can choose a table as shelter and stay there till the shaking stops.

4. Move away from windows and heavy objects that could fall.

5. It is better to turn off power supply and gas supply.

Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

Earthquake and Tsunami had hit on March 2011 in northern part of Japan. The magnitude of the earthquake was 8.8 on richter scale.This catastrophi made people homeless and around twenty thousand people died .

Noah’s Ark :- Noah’s Ark is a floating capsule which seems like a huge tennis ball. It has a diameter of 1.2 and made up of fibre-reinforced plastic . It has one glass window and two holes for ventilation and drainage.It is lighter but strong. It looks like a toy and children can play in this. It can carry four adults. This floating capsule that could survive natural calamities like earthquake and tsunami. It floats according to the flow of water. So people can easily use to escape from natural disasters like earthquake and tsunami.The yellow colour enhances the chance of safety measures .So it is very useful device to protect people in such situation.

This Ark is designed by the President of a Japanese engineering company (Cosmo)Mr.Shoji Tanaka and he is 66 yrs old. His idea of Noah’s Ark orginates from a bible story.

Noah’ Ark and the flood summary

The story tells that God decided to wipe mankind from the earth due to their great wickedness. He found a righteous man among all the people of that time and his name was Noah. God told Noah to build an ark for him and his family in preparation for a flood that would destroy all living thing on earth. God instructed him to bring seven pairs of clean animals along with all kind of food to be stored for the animals and his family while on the ark.He obeyed everything.After they entered inside the ark and rain fell on the earth for a period of forty days and nights.All living things wiped out from the earth due to the heavy flood that lasts for hundred and fifty days. Noah and his family was safe and the ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat. They waited for eight more months to dried out the earth surface fully. After that God asked Noah to come out and he gave a promise that he won’t make any destruction of living creatures again.As a sign of this everlasting promise God made a rainbow in the clouds.

Now he started to manufacture lot of Noah’s Ark and he is telling it is the modern and tiny version of the previous Noah’s Ark. Everybody trying to make their life more safe and that is why more requirement coming day by day. Now he is planning to construct more and more in large scale.We know human life is precious forever. So making secured life is also important. But one thing we can say proudly that effort behind this is so great and thankful. We know the value of human life cannot match with anyother thing in the world .


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