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Nokia BH-111 Bluetooth Headset

Updated on July 13, 2012
The package arrived
The package arrived | Source
Manuals | Source
BH-111 with Nokia E7
BH-111 with Nokia E7 | Source

Nokia BH-111 Bluetooth Headset

So whilst at Nokia World we were invited to attend a session in one of the meeting rooms for accessories and music and one of the accessories I found both 'cute' and cool, was the Nokia BT-111 bluetooth headset , it's absolutely tiny and to me produced a decent sound, so when I was made aware they were available on Amazon for under £30 , by @psychomania666 on Twitter (who I attended Nokia World with along with other members of Nokia Support Discussions ) I thought I'd order them. I use headphones on a daily basis whilst watching video on my phone during my lunch break, to kinda 'get away from everything' for half an hour, and the wired Sony headphones I normally use tend to drag across the desk and end up winding through whatever I'm having for lunch, so thought removing the wired connection from the phone would be more conveinient , also the BH-111's would allow me to use my own headset if I wanted without actually having to connect them physically to the phone !

The order from Amazon took three working days to arrive at my workplace (used that instead of home as I'm always there !!) and I was quite eager to get home, crack open the package, plug in the charger and give them a try.

So I got home about 7.30 and opened up the package to find a small blue box,typical of modern Nokia packaging, containing the BH-111 base unit, in Black, it does come in a few 'Funky' colours, but my phones are all black, as are my own headphones , so I thought the black would match the rest of my kit, guess I'm just not 'Funky' LOL

You can observe the 'Funkyness' here

Box Front
Box Front | Source
Box Back
Box Back | Source
BH-111 in packaging
BH-111 in packaging | Source
Macro shot of control 'buttons'
Macro shot of control 'buttons' | Source

In the box , came the base unit, which is matt on the front, which consists of a flat panel maybe a couple of centimetres square with 4 control buttons for FF,Back, Play/Pause and power on/off, which is multifunctional to control call as well as powering the unit on and off, the rear is curved and glossy and has a large flat clip to fasten the BH-111 to your clothing or a bag. You also get a rather good , in my opinion, set of matching earphones with 3 sets of earbuds for a variety of ear sizes, I found the medium fit the best and to be very comfortable, The only other things in the box were the mains charger and 2 sets of instructions in various languages, which were easy to follow.

The unit took just over an hour to charge until the red warning light on the end of the volume knob turned green, and I then tried my first 'pairing' , you can pair up to 8 items to the unit and both my Nokia E7 running Symbian and my new toy , the Nokia N9 running Meego paired faultlessly and all the controls worked with both music players without issue. The playback sound, to my ears was very good, not the best I've ever heard, but we're talking about a tiny little unit here, that weighs a few grams and will run for six or seven hours playing music and standby for almost a week !! The volume level was more than adequate and did actually need turning down from full by a couple of notches, although it's always nice to have a little in reserve ? The BH-111 will also automatically connect to the last item it was paired to, so this will be very convenient for me when I try using them on a daily basis.

All in all, I'm very pleased with my latest bit of Nokia kit, it's ultra light, ultra portable, versitile and constructed to a very high standard, I think I'll get a lot of use out of it and it will become another gadget that I travel about with in my pocket both at home and when travelling, it takes up less space than a small box of matches and has a bigger kick than a small mule, but it's a mule that's cool :-D

(All photo's taken with my New Nokia N9, the good ones are because of it's camera, the poor ones are due to my limited capabilities)

Thanks for reading,

Stephen Quin

Headphones connected
Headphones connected | Source
Shiny Back
Shiny Back | Source
UK Charger
UK Charger | Source
BH-111 & E7
BH-111 & E7 | Source
Authorizing | Source
Earbuds | Source
First pairing
First pairing | Source
Connected to N9
Connected to N9 | Source


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