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Nokia C3-00 Phone Review

Updated on November 2, 2011
The Samsung SGH-E900
The Samsung SGH-E900

In July of this year, I had a good portion of my arm put in a cast after a little accident that left me with a fractured wrist. At the time of the accident I had a Samsung SGH-E900 mobile phone (yes, I'm from England), but I struggled to use it after I had the cast put on my arm as it restricted the use of my thumb to a bare minimum and gave me no access to my palm whatsoever.

The E900 was (as of 2006) a high-end slider phone from Samsung with the traditional 12 button layout. Being the avid text messager that I am (i've actually sent a few texts throught the process of creating this hub). I found it increasingly difficult to send texts due to a combination of the button layout of my current phone and the restricted use of my hand, as a result, I opted for a new phone that I'd found on the O2 website's featured phones section not long previously, the Nokia C3-00.

The Nokia C3-00 in Slate Grey/Graphite
The Nokia C3-00 in Slate Grey/Graphite

Out with the old...

And in with the new! I absolutely love the New (ish) Nokia C3-00! I thought it was excellent value for money considering the phone's features make the handset comparable to and very competitive with Blackberry's Curve 8520.

General review of Phone Specs etc.

In terms of the whole Nokia v Blackberry debate, this phone has to get one on top of Blackberry this time as the handset has nearly everything its comparable closeup rival in the form of the Curve 8520 has for an average of £60 less cost.

QWERTY Keyboard

Probably the most easily noticeable feature of the C3-00 is its full Qwerty keyboard, the keyboard is quite positive to use and the keys rise up slightly in the centre to give you easier access to them and make it less likely for you to accidentally press other keys, which I found to be much easier to use than some, other phone keyboards.

FM Radio

Not too uncommon to see on phones anymore nowadays but still a nice feature to have either way. Not one that I use personally as I rarely listen to the radio.

2 Megapixel Camera with Zoom

Nothing special here, my old phone had a similar quality photo/video camera but with a lesser quality of zoom, the amount of magnification is admittedly less than what some would consider to be desirable but let's face it, you're not going to be buying this phone because it has a brilliant camera.


The phone comes with a built in Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) connection allowing for you to connect to your home broadband wirelessly or any Wi-Fi hotspots while you're out and about. Definitely a sought after feature in today's phone marketplace with the ever growing number of free Wi-Fi hotspots around the world allowing users to connect via portable devices such as phones and browse the internet for completely free.

Customizable Home Screen

One feature that you don't see too often is the ability to completely customize your home screen, I really make the most of this feature and have customized every area of the starting screen to exactly how I wanted it. My layout currently consists of a section for notes at the top of the screen (often used as my social calendar), quick buttons in the middle of the screen for quick, easy access to the camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Calculator and Alarm Clock and links to both my music and the FM radio at the bottom. The customizable home screen also allows for direct, live feeds from both your Facebook and Twitter account(s).

Overall Rating

Personally, after having this phone for a good portion of the year now I'd rate it a resounding 4 out of 5, it has some pretty excellent features considering the low price of the handset but there is more to be desired. The Wi-Fi cuts out occasionally, admittedly isn't a major issue but can be slightly annoying sometimes and the phone only has around 55mb of internal memory but this too is neither a major issue as the phone supports extendible memory through use of a Micro SD card. If you're looking for a phone that you can pack full of games and apps I wouldn't recommend this model. Although Nokia's Ovi Store does have a dedicated list to supportable games and apps for the C3-00, I was less than impressed by what I'd seen so far.


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