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Nokia CC-3046 Hard Cover, Buyer Beware

Updated on September 16, 2012

3046 in Packaging

Shots of case out of the packaging

Nokia CC-3046 Hard Cover-Buyer Beware

This is a brief review of the Nokia CC-3046 Hard Case for the Nokia 808 PureView phone, some of you may have read the prequal I wrote as I got my 808, which I love, and that I had already received the CC-3046 before it arrived. Well after using the two items together for a while, I kinda regret buying the cover ! Ooops, looks like I'm doing a negative post again, sorry. The case itself actually fits really well and easily, and it does do what I had hoped and what is claimed by Nokia, it protects the phone from harm due to its sturdy construction, and more importantly to most, me included, the 'eye patch' covering the 808's camera unit, argueably the most important and exposed part of the phone ?

Now I have no issue with the case as such, the additional bulk is not a major issue, and it really doesn't feel bad, it's the restriction of phone functionality I have an issue with. There are one or two minor issues, like the tether holding the eye patch, which I find irritating and also removing and replacing the eye patch itself every time you want to take a picture, not a major issue if you are out and are taking a series of shots, but it's a major inconvenience if you want to grab an instant shot by simply sparking up the camera with a long press on the camera button from closed . Which brings me to my next and main issue with the case, the section covering both the Volume/Zoom buttons and more importantly the Physical Camera Button become extremely hard to operate through the thick plastic the cover is made from. This isn't a major thing with the volume, but for taking photos, I have to press so hard it's almost impossible for me to avoid moving the camera, maybe I just have an extremely weak index finger, but I've now got to the stage where I don't even try to have resorted to using the on screen shutter, which I find annoying, not because it doesn't work extremely well, but because 'naked' the physical shutter is a joy to use. The final issue, which I don't have a major issue with myself, and have found a work around for, is that the eye patch covers and muffles the speaker on the 808 as Steve Lichfield described here

Using 'Eye Patch' as a Kickstand

using EyePatch KickStand

My solution was a little simpler and dual purpose, if you jam the lip used to pull off the eyepatch under the main case above the flash, the tether stops it slipping and you can use it as a stand to hold the phone in an ideal position for viewing videos, a side effect being the speaker is full exposed and the volume as it should be. The phone is pretty stable like this on a table and I've used it a couple of times.

808 inside the CC-3046

I wouldn't want anyone to be put off by my experience, as the case itself, although quite expensive, is well made and as I said, does what it should, but I have a feeling I'll be removing mine and taking a chance and trying to be careful, as the drawbacks for me, spoil the experience of the phone. If there was a cut out for the camera button and speaker, it would be perfect, there isn't, so for me , it's not.

Thanks for reading.

Stephen Quin



UPDATE 09/09/2012

For anyone who read this piece earlier, I have an update and a partial solution for my issue with the case making the physical camera button on the 808 virtually unuseable! Thanks to a Tweet from @stormrider69xx on Twitter . He tweeted to say he had cut round the edge of the section of the case that covers the button and it became soft and useable, I really didn't want to cut or adapt the case really, but as a compromise tried a slit either side of the button section and one , it certainly makes the camera button easier to press and two, is vertually imperceptable once the case is back on the phone . I am quite pleased with the result and also grateful to Stormrider for his suggestion, fairly obvious really and yet obviously not to me ? LOL

Couple of pics taken in bad light in my house to try and demonstrate the result of basically cutting a couple of slits on the edge og the 'frame' in the rubber case above the camera button.

Pics of cuts


Twitter convo
Twitter convo


Just a quick update , again, on the CC-3046 , I had a Tweet from @paulgarner on Twitter who is also an 808 user, and he just received a cover with a 'modified' eye patch cover, it has a slit in it to allow the sound from the speaker to be heard clearly instead of being muffled , which is a good thing, however I wonder if there is a chance of Nokia sending out replacements for there customers who's 808's have been gagged ? Thanks to Paul for the heads up and apologies for the theft of his photo to demonstrate the modification :)

Screen shot of Paul's Photo



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    • profile image

      ela wyr 

      3 years ago

      Hello. Does anyone know where to find a protection case the Nokia CC-3046 for Nokia 808 PureView ? Please email me at


    • profile image


      4 years ago

      where can i get this accessory in india or abroad

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I'm happy I found one in 2016 for my 808, although it is a red one.

    • legendster profile image


      5 years ago

      Anyone selling cover or any variant of this in 2015 please contact me on whatsapp : 8981861298

    • profile image

      Brooks Anderson 

      7 years ago

      Very helpful post. I bought a CC-3046 in Bangalore two weeks ago because I really wanted the cap to protect the 808's camera. I'm not in the habit of shooting photos with the physical shutter button because i find it very easy to hit the on-screen button with my right thumb, so I hadn't noticed the case's drawback for photos. I agree, it does muffle the speaker, but I don't find it difficult to operate the volume control/zoom buttons.


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