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Nokia Lumia 720 Camera and Farewell

Updated on July 9, 2013


LOW LIGHT all shot after 10pm

Outdoor Market
Outdoor Market
Pudsey Town Hall
Pudsey Town Hall
Leeds Ring Road
Leeds Ring Road


As anyone that either follows me or bothers to read the stuff I do will know, I have been lucky enough to have been loaned a Nokia Lumia 720 smart-phone from Nokia Connects on a two week trial. Well I have loved every minute of it and the overall experience has been fantastic, I truly like everything about the phone. As a 'Mid-Range' windows phone the 720's unique selling point (apart from the fact it looks bloody gorgeous) was that it's camera with its wide aperture gave exceptional low light photographs, and it does !! However the two things that have REALLY enamoured me about the handset are the battery life, which stuns me on a daily basis, it is literally years since I had a phone that could last me a full day and beyond, and the 720 has contained my main sim card since I received it and been used as I normally use my mobile phone, which is heavily !!


Nokia Lumia 720 Camera Performance

The other thing which has REALLY REALLY impressed me about the 720 is the overall camera performance, it is no 'One Trick Pony' by any means. I am no professional photographer, but I really like taking photos with all my phones and I have used the camera a lot on the 720 and not just at night. The phone produces pretty great results in any circumstance, but I have been particularly impressed with close up or macro shots, not only is it extremely easy to take good close ups using touch to focus and take the photos, but the results have fantastic detail and great colour reproduction. I have the greatest phone camera ever sold (up to this moment in time) the Nokia 808 which has a 41 megapixel sensor and the little Lumia 720 holds its own in many comparisons and is quite honestly much easier to use to get a good snap than that. Even more impressive when you consider the difference in price and power between the two, with the added bonus that the 720 has a speedier OS and better browser for general phone use.
So, as I have to return this little bundle of joy to Nokia at the end of the week, I decided to try and get one more post out of my time with it so took some more photographs with the 720 in different situations and decided to post them here, it's not a comparison or competition it's just me posting some close up, low light, indoor and outdoor photos which I believe have come out well . As I only get one day off per week and this Tuesday was my last opportunity to get any more shots, I visited the Bradford Industrial Museum to grab some shots, as I was very short of time and knew there would at least be something interesting to photograph, well hopefully anyway.


Clocking In Clock
Clocking In Clock
Very Dark Blacksmiths shop
Very Dark Blacksmiths shop
Fire Pump
Fire Pump
Garage Display
Garage Display
Weaving Shed
Weaving Shed
Old Carriages in dark shed
Old Carriages in dark shed
Salts Bust
Salts Bust
Spinning Machine
Spinning Machine
Steam Engine
Steam Engine

More Pics

Now on with the picture posting, will try split them into groups, low light, macro, indoors, landscape etc :-)




Well that's that, I am gutted to be sending the phone back, it's been a great experience and now my interest turns to the July 11th announcement from Nokia about their new flagship cameraphone, anyone who is interested in photography within the mobile world should be too, cannot wait for the next step in the Nokia adventure .

Thanks for reading and hopefully see you soon

Stephen Quin



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