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Nokia Lumia 928, Verizon Wireless

Updated on May 10, 2013

Verizon Lumia 928 It's Official

Verizon Wireless Nokia Lumia 928
Verizon Wireless Nokia Lumia 928 | Source

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Nokia Lumia 928 Verizon Wireless

Nokia Lumia 928, Verizon Wireless Version with LTE will finally come to Big Red sometime in April. The Verizon Wireless Nokia Lumia 928 (Laser code name) is an updated Lumia 920 which certain specs and features that will make it stand out from the current Lumia 920. I have a Lumia 920 myself, that I use on the Solavei network, and I love this phone. Verizon is known for its network coverage, and I used to be a Verizon customer, but they did not offer the Lumia 920, which is the best phone I have owned.

So from all the various news, and rumor leaks, this is what I have gathered:

Microsoft,Nokia, and Verizon plan to push the Lumia 928 as a flagship device which should tell you that they have confidence in this device. The black market for the Lumia 920 has and continues to be huge. This Verizon version will help continue that trend.

The Verizon Lumia 928 is suppose to have an aluminum body which will help reduce the weight of the device, with a 8-Meg, PureView Camera. The low light picture capability of the Lumia is very impressive. I can even capture great pictures of the bright sun on my phone. So the Lumia 928 PureView will continue the Nokia Lumia trend of providing great photos from a cell phone.

The CPU and RAM of the Nokia 928 should be the same as the Lumia 920, but we will have to wait to see once it is launched.

Dual Core Processor

4.5in OLED Display

1.5Ghz Processor

1GB Ram

Verizon LTE Capable

For now those are the basic stats that should be in the 928, once the device officially launches I will update my hub like I did with the current 920 international version.

Hopefully this beautiful device an launch without a hitch.

Update May 2013:

It was announced that the Verizon Wireless Nokia Lumia 928 will be up for sale for Verizon customers May 16th. And the price(don't quote me on this) will be a very affordable $150. Less a $50 Rebate that will be $100 for this beautiful device. Don't get fooled by the affordable price of $150 before the mail in rebate. What I mean by don't be fooled is just because the iPhone,Samsung phones cost more, and think they are superior. I have had an iPhone, and Samsung devices, and a few Blackberry devices. But since I have the Lumia 920, it is by far the best phone I have ever had. The Verizon 928 is basically the same version as the 920, except the screen is a tad bit better, and with your purchase you get some freebies, like extra SkyDrive storage, and you get a $25 credit to use towards the purchase of apps. Every app that I will ever need is in the Windows 8 Phone app store.

So this is what was announced recently:

It has the Snapdragon S4 processor, the same amount of RAM

The devices has 32GB of storage, but if you are like me, I upload all of my pictures and files to the cloud. I use Box, Dropbox, and SkyDrive.

Nokia and Microsoft has this cool feature where if you misplace your phone or if it is lost or stolen, you can log into a website and locate your phone. You can also back up your apps, and other information like text messages so if you need to replace the device you can then just re-download everything you need all from one place.

There is a 4.5-inch WXGA display at 1280-by-768 resolution and 334 pixels per inch.

My 920 has an AMOLED display

The 928 has Verizon's strong 4G LTE network, and if there isn't a LTE signal where you live, it calls back onto the tried and true CDMA 3G network.

If Verizon came out with this device a few months back I would of purchased it, but I use Solvei service with my Lumia 920, and I am happy with it, but if you have Verizon, you need to get this phone ASAP!.


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