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Nokia N8

Updated on June 7, 2011

Released on October 2010, the Nokia N8 is a phone which according to Nokia will reinstate their position as the leader or at least a strong competitor in the High-end mobile sections. Over the last few years Nokia has been facing some stiff competition in the high-end mobile phone business. In the low end market Nokia has been ruling for a long, long time but even that has been changing with some new mobile phone makers in the market. But for the time being the Finnish engineers at Nokia, has been developing a killer new phone that can put them right back up on the top. Unlike previous years Nokia has given their flagship some cool stuff like HDMI port, USB-On-the-Go and an industry-leading camera. Earlier they would have simply introduced a phone with processing power equivalent for a notebook and loads of RAM.

Nokia N8 Specifications:

1.    Supports both 2G and 3G network.

2.    Weighs 135g only.

3.    It has an AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with 16M color display.

4.    The scratch resistant Gorilla glass display is something I personally like.

5.    Comes with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.

6.    The internal storage is 16GB which is good with 256MB RAM and 512MB ROM.

7.    Support for microSD card which can support up to 32 GB.

8.    Networking capabilities are quite good on this phone. Supports Class 33 GPRS and Class 33 EDGE, HSDPA 10.2 Mbps, HSUPA 2.0 Mbps, has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ver3 with A2DP, microUSB ver2.0 and USB-on-the-go.

9.    Feature the Symbian^3 OS.

10. It has a stunning 12 MP camera.

11. Has a 680 MHz ARM 11 processor. (I personally think that a 1 GHz was needed)

12. Has a built-in GPS along with Ovi Maps 3.0

13.  Battery life in this phone is up to 400h standby in 3G and 390 in 2G. Talk time up to 12h 30 min in 2G and up to 5h 30 min on 3G.


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1. The Symbian^3 is nothing compared to Android and iOS.

2. It doesn’t have video light.

3. The outdated camera interface really kills the fun in taking pictures.

4. When it comes to using apps from a 3rd party there is a lot of limitation.

5. The price of the phone is not enough you need to pay more. At least that’s what the Nokia guys want you to know because there is no office document editing (without a paid upgrade).

6. The video player is not good and has some issues.

7. The battery life is not that good compared to the best in the business.

8. If anything happens to your phone’s battery you won’t be able to replace it because it’s not user-replaceable.

Well the Nokia N8 specifications sure tell a lot about the phone but there’s more and it’s not good. Come on, every phone has some disadvantages right? Well this phone too has them and they are quite a lot.


For the time being this is the best Nokia has to offer. Earlier when there was not much competition in the market people would gladly buy this phone and accept it as the best in the market but now other companies like Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Apple and LG have all introduced some stunning phones. But the best thing is that if we look back at Nokia a few years we will be able to see that the company has evolved along with the new generation and what people these days really want. The Nokia guys can be proud of their product now but it’s just the beginning and there is a lot more to come.


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