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None is happy in the computer field!

Updated on September 8, 2015

Come out of the cloud computer!

One chooses computer field by force!

Now most of the tasks earlier performed manually by many have been automated and the computers have taken over the responsibility of performing many works and functions hitherto performed by man. Now, the vital question is ‘whether this is beneficial or not. Of course, automation made man lazier than ever before. Now most of the jobs belongs to the desk and one need not move out of his workstation.

This trend has made many employees obese, lethargic and his brainwork has reduced to almost nil. It is enough, if you know to operate the keyboard and mouse and choose correct options. In the current learning scenario, any body with an average IQ can learn to operate the computer within a week to perform most of the basic functions. Now even the youngsters have avoided going out, moving their muscles and walk a few step. When they come out of their office, their bike or car is ready to take them wherever they would like to go! We have seen many gyms have started functioning after the computers took to the center place.

Most of the employees feel that they should work out in the gym for a minimum of one hour or so to keep them healthy and alert. But, this alone won’t solve the problem. The junk food they gobble up in hurry to finish their assignments in projects make them more sick. Hence all those who are forced to wed the computer for their survival should focus on the food they eat in addition to the session of jogging, exercise and going to the gym. All fast food contains more toxins ever found in any other items of food. Hence in rural house holds, taste has become a secondary over nutritious food. In general nutritious food does not offer good taste. Hence many software professionals prefer fried, salted, hot tasty food which will satisfy their tongue. It is no wonder that such professionals suffer malfunction of heart, liver and kidneys. They suffer premature death also.

These software companies offer fat salaries to lure gullible young men and women. Once they enter the portals of such big multinational companies, they undergo sleepless nights, constant anxiety and fear to finish their targets before dead line etc. They might have already availed big housing loan etc in anticipation of serving their companies for 10 or 15 years. One morning, they find ‘e mail ‘messages from the CEO regarding retrenching the staff since they could not secure sufficient projects from the West to sustain their work force!

What will happen to the younger generation who have built hopes and dreamt a bright future? I don’t say that the computer professional or software professional will face problems. But it was the scenario in most of the branded companies. Overnight, shares tumble, there are visa problems and the global situations demand closing of many overseas branches at least temporarily. This was the conditions obtaining the world over in the past few years. Now even the demand for seats in computer discipline is dwindling. Many bright students opt for Mechanical or Industrial or production engineering. This is the present trend in India. Just like lightening in the clouded sky, computers once occupied an exalted position which has come to a saturation point. Of course, it will be many more years for the computer to slow down. Newer avatars of computers are invented every day. But the students should be trained to handle such newer trends in industry.

Due to the internet and open source software, every day, new technology is emerging in every field. Computers also will witness such changes soon. Even the internet is undergoing many changes. Hence the students of computer should update their knowledge based on newer inventions and be ready to undertake newer challenges. Those working in the field of computers have become a sort of ‘robot’ nowadays and hence their marriage life is never happy!

Computers forever!


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