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Nook and Kindle

Updated on April 12, 2011

Which One To Choose

The NOOK and the Kindle are the best-selling eReaders available for sale today. The Kindle is sold by the largest online retailer in the world Amazon. The NOOK is sold by Barnes & Noble, the largest book seller in the United States.

The main function of the NOOK and Kindle is basically the same, they display eBooks that can be purchased from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. They can also have built-in basic web browsers and the ability to read other files like PDF and even listen to the books with text to audio conversion.

NOOK and Kindle Versions

Currently, each manufacturer is producing three versions of their eReaders each. Amazon is selling the Kindle Wi-Fi, Kindle 3G + Wi-Fi, and Kindle DX. Barnes & Noble sells the NOOK Wi-Fi, NOOK Wi-Fi+3G, and the their latest release the NOOKcolor.

The Kindle Wi-Fi and NOOK Wi-Fi are the two lowest priced versions at $139 and $149 respectively. The 3G versions are available for $50 more and allow for the ability to download books anywhere that you would receive cell phone service on their carriers. There is no monthly fee for the 3G versions, it is included in the upfront price. 3G is more convenient for people who do a lot of travelling or do not have access to a Wi-Fi network.

The Kindle DX is different from other versions of the eReaders. It is much larger than the NOOK or other Kindle versions. With a nine-point seven-inch display screen it is more like reading a magazine than a book. The Kindle DX includes global 3G and uses the same E-ink Pearl technology. The price of this larger version is however much higher, it retails new for $379.

The NOOKcolor is the latest eReader from Barnes & Noble. As the name suggests this eReader is in color. Being in color allows the NOOKcolor more capabilities that tablet computers have like the ability to play games and display color pictures. The NOOKcolor can also hold more than double the amount of books with its larger hard drive, but does not have 3G connectivity which means you will need to have a network at home or use the network that is available at all Barnes & Noble bookstores.

I hope learning about the major differences between the NOOK vs Kindle will allow for you to make a more informed decision when deciding which to purchase.


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