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Nvidia GTX 700 series

Updated on February 2, 2013
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Nvidia GTX700, the upcoming graphic card series from Nvidia that will be based on GK110 architecture will amaze you with super graphic performance.Nvidia already raised our hopes when he brought us the series of Nvidia GTX 600 and we were happy that the series covered each and every consumer market releasing low-end to high-end graphic cards.

Talking about the GTX 600 series, Nvidia put a milestone after releasing the dual GPU card. Nvidia GTX 690 is a dual GPU card containing two Nvidia GTX 680 cards. It’s always a question of discussion, whether we see more dual GPU cards or not? Well GTX690 card is already available in the market, but the question is what’s new is in GTX700?

As I told you, the series GTX600 already raised our hopes up, so we are expecting something new from GTX 700 series.Same goes with AMD, AMD also geared up for the competition releasing its AMD 8000 series in the upcoming future. Whether it’s GTX 700 or AMD 8000 series, we had numerous options to choose our graphic card or gaming card for better performance and graphics.

The previous series of AMD and Nvidia were AMD 7000 series and Nvidia GTX600 series. With these previous series both the company offered us a great deal in gaming cards. It’s already a thread of discussion which is better, GTX 600 series or AMD 7000 series?

Reviews from various discussions helped us to conclude this, GTX 690 card from the GTX600 series which offer dual GPU is currently the fastest and the most amazing gaming card. Although AMD offers better range of cards for the same price Nvidia offers. It’s just a matter of play between the cards and games you play.

There was even a rumor about the upcoming GTX 700 architecture. To tell you the truth it’s based on the GK110 architecture not on the Maxwell architecture. The Maxwell architecture based gaming cards of Nvidia will be releasing on 2014.

Is Nvidia GTX 700 series based on Maxwell architecture?

Clearly Nvidia GTX700 can’t be based on Maxwell architecture as the card is coming next year, 2013 and the cards based on Maxwell architecture are scheduled for 2014.

Maxwell series release date

There is still a lot of work for Nvidia to do before releasing Maxwell architecture based cards so I believe that the card will be releasing at the end of 2014 and first quarter of 2015. But it’s up to Nvidia to decide when they are going to release Maxwell architecture based cards. When they first published the road-map they mentioned the Maxwell architecture to be release in 2013 and it’s rumored that after GTX600 cards, next series of Nvidia will be based on Maxwell architecture boosting the performance of gaming to 10 folds.

What will Upcoming games are demanding?

Missed the Gaming conference 2012, are you sure you are a gamer? Hopefully its internet not a piece of newspaper that you burnt or thrown away. You can still watch the gaming conference on YouTube. Games like NFS Most Wanted 2012, Far Cry 3, Assassins Creed 3, Resident Evil 6, Dead Space 3, and Call of Duty Black Ops 2 are filled with details, of ‘course to see those details you need an amazing graphic card. All these games offer light simulation to make you feel global illumination. All these games offer you “Nothing like before”, so gear up for some fantastic games to be played.


GTX 700 series is quite amazing which is based on GK110 architecture. If you want to pin it then it’s little above from Kepler architecture as it only offer 15-20% increase architecture than Kepler. Maxwell architecture is yet to come that offer 10 folds of graphic architecture. AMD also geared up to release its latest AMD 8000 series supporting new version of DirectX.


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