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Nvidia GTS 450 graphics card

Updated on September 11, 2010

Nvidia has been playing catch up right from the launch of AMD's HD 5000 series cards last October. They are still in the process of releasing their full series, and the newest member will be the GTS 450, which is their first mainstream graphics card in the GeForce 400 series.

The GTS 450 is not yet launched, but will be, very soon. We know a good detail about the card because of the recent leaks that have been going around the Internet. If you are a budget gamer and are looking for a new card, this could be the one.

The following are the specifications of this new card:

Stream proccesors: 192
Core clock: 783Mhz
Shader clock: 1566MHz
Memory clock: 1800 MHz (effective 3600 Mhz)
Memory bus width: 128bit
supported DirectX version: 11.0
supported OpenGL version: 4.1 

as you can see above, the GTS 450 is expected to have 192 shaders, thats around 40% lesser than the GTX 460 (336 shaders). But look carefully, see the clock speeds. The GTS 450, the core clock is 783MHz, which is significantly more than that of the GTX 460 at 675MHz.

So, from this we can say that the GTS 450, will be roughly 30% slower than the GTX 460, which puts it right in the path of the HD 5770. The card is meant to compete with the HD 5700 series, and according to the specifications, its going to be doing just that. The card needs only 1 6 pin PCIe power connector and has a TDP of 106W, hence will not require a monster PSU.

But here is the interesting part. The HD 5770 is as low as $139, and even lower with MIR. The GTX 460 is now available for $169. So there is not a big margin, even if the GTS 450 is priced at $139 (which does NOT seem likely, because it is more expensive to make), I would much rather pay another $30 to get 30% more performance with the GTX 460 768MB version.

A $149-$159 price tag is more likely, but then card will make little sense. So lets see what Nvidia does, specially considering ATI's current position and the launch of the HD 6000 series so near (Oct 12 is expected launch date).

For a detailed discussion and more news and updates, please visit:


the card has been listed for $129 on newegg, read more:


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    • kksonakiya profile image

      Krishnakant Sonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior

      GTS 450 seems to be value for money. However, what do u think about this scenario?

      >> Is it better to upgrade your card after you have bought the system with a low-end card to save money?


      >> Getting a mainstream card (not Enthusiast or even Gamer) while purchasing the system for around Rs.8k/- to Rs.9k/- and nearly go with ease with several games (even games released in 2011 like Crysis 2 and Brotherhood) with "medium settings" for nearly 3 years (cause I have witnessed this).?

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