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Nvidia GTX 460 review

Updated on August 10, 2010

Nvidia finally back!

Yes, finally they have got their act together. The GTX 460 is a card that really improves upon the shortcoming of the other members of the GTX 400 series.

The card is based on a new chip, the GF104, which has made all the difference. With lesser number of shaders, it had a simpler architecture, which meant easier to make, hence better yield which results in a cheaper card.

The card comes in 2 variants, one is 768MB with a 192bit memory bus and 24 rops, it costs $199. The other is the 1GB version with a 256bit memory bus and 32 rops, this costs $219.Both have 336 shaders and are clocked at 675MHz on the core and 900MHz(3600MHz effective) on the memory.

The GF 104 chip actually has 384 shaders, so on the GTX 460, 48 of them are disabled, so later Nvidia may release a card with all 384 shaders and maybe call it the GTX 460+ ?

GTX 460 768MB

As said before, this variant has a 192bit memory bus and 24 rops. This card is priced at $199 so is a bit cheaper than the ATI 5830, which is its main competitor. According to various reviews on the web, the GTX 460 performs much better than the HD 5830. On an average it is about 10% faster than the HD 5830.

As for the power consumption, its pretty good ! It consumes significantly less power than the GTX 465. It consumes 18W in idle, which is half og the GTX 465 and 170W under full load, which is still much lower than the 220W of the GTX 465. These numbers are in the same level as that of the 5830, so good going Nvidia.

The chip runs cool even on stock cooling. The chip can be overclocked a lot, in all the reviews i have read, they have been able to reach at least 800MHz on the core from 675MHz, that too on stock cooling ! Now that does significantly improve the performance numbers, up to 25% in some cases !

here are some reviews of this card :

GTX 460 1GB

The GTX 460 1GB version has a few more rops and a wider memory bus width and obviously more memory. All that comes at a cost of $20, which is not bad IMO. As the number of shaders is the same on both variants, the performance is more or less the same. This version is about 5% faster than the 768MB one. This card too overclocks like a charm and has low power consumption. Its priced the same as the 5830 so i would pick a GTX 460 any day. 

For full reviews, please have a look at the following:

The verdict:

I think Nvidia finally has a really good product. It will force ATI to take some action, we may soon see some minor price cuts from ATI's side, which is a welcome. We finally seem to have some competition back in the graphics card market, which was dominated by ATI for almost 9 months now. It will be interesting to see a card with a 384 shaders enabled in the near future.

The GTX 460 is a good card that provides great performance, runs cool and consumes less power. With a $199, I think its a really attractive deal. I give the card a 9/10 .


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