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Nvidia Laptop graphics card comparison

Updated on December 31, 2010

Naming of laptop graphics cards is a little confusing as it often related to their desktop counterparts. Laptop cards are generally much more cut down versions of their desktop variants, sometime they are totally different than the desktop cards. This article will cover a few laptop graphics cards by Nvidia and how they actually perform against other desktop cards.

Most common cards are low end ones. People at times get impressed by the words "Nvidia Graphics", which I find really funny. These low end cards are generally onboard (inbuilt) and not discrete. They use the system RAM and do have any dedicated video RAM, these are not really meant for any heavy duty stuff. They at best will give you a decent Aero experience and help you play Bluray content (somewhat). So here are the cards under this category :

GPU: Geforce 8200M and 9100M
Shaders : 8

These are integrated GPUs meaning that they are integrated on to the motherboard itself. They usually share the System Ram . They cannot be used for hardcore gaming. U can play some games at low resolution (800x600 and so on) at low-med settings only. They, at best, match up to a Desktop 8200. From ATI’s side, we have HD3200, which generally performs a little better.

GPU: Geforce 9400M and G102
Shaders : 16

These are also onboard and are little more powerful than 8200/9100 .
These are good enough for gaming at low(est) settings at 1024x768 kind of resolutions.
These should be enough for casual gaming. They compare to a desktop 8400GT at best.

For the Full list of graphics cards from the Geforce 9000 series and GTX 200 series of Nvidia mobile cards, please have a look at the full review:


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    • kksonakiya profile image

      Krishnakant Sonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior

      This has always confused me Rajan. Why does a desktop graphics card of the same model has quite an edge over laptop graphics card of same model?

      Don't deny it, I have seen it with me (obviously) and with my friends.

    • rajan1311 profile image

      rajan1311 5 years ago from bangalore, India

      Well they name it the same, but its never the same hardware. Laptop cards have a huge heat and power limit. Hence, vendors reduce the processor power to stay within these limits, hence, even with the same model, laptop cards are much slower than desktop ones...

      Hope that answers your question... :)

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