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Office 365 – The 2017 Updates

Updated on November 19, 2017

The monthly Microsoft Office 365 updates are something that we look forward to and Microsoft unveils these features and add-ons through their blog. This year, the company has released a few new productive features. Let’s take a look at some of these features.

1. Co-authoring

The Excel 2016, in the latest Office Insider Fast ring build, the users get co-authoring support for working together. This feature informs the users as to who is working on a spreadsheet and make live changes in the spreadsheet, which will be viewable to the co-authors within seconds. The co-authoring feature is available for all the users using Office Online and Office for Windows and Android mobile. For now co-authoring is available for iOS and will soon be introduced on Mac.

2. OneNote

OneNote is packed with a brand new feature of the ability to write handwritten equations. Moreover, you can manipulate the variable and see the changes instantly. This new feature known as the equation-inking helps students learn the necessary steps to solve the required equations. This new functionality in OneNote is available only for the Office 365 subscribers and Windows 10 users.

Apart from this, OneNote for Windows 10 will have Accessibility Checker that will promptly highlight issues with content for the visually impaired, and some recommendations to fix the same. A few other improvements are support for Windows Ink, Draw tab on OneNote Online using Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Windows. Both these features are made available for all users.

3. PowerPoint and Excel Integration

The Visio application now has easy integration between PowerPoint and Excel. The new templates for the Data Visualizer have made it simpler to create flowcharts right from Excel with a few clicks. The pane for Slide Snippets allows the users to grab snippets, export them to PowerPoint, add tiles, and provides complete support for Morph transition. This new feature of data visualizer is available in Visio 2016 for the users of Office Insider Slow and Slide Snippet has been made available to Visio 2016 for all subscribers of Office 365.

Office 365

This does not end here, Microsoft has also announced release of their new app—Microsoft Bookings app. This feature will be available only for Business Premium subscribers of Office 365.

Office 365 is one of Microsoft’s flagship products. Its monthly updates continue to make it one of the most productive tools. However, not all features are available to everyone; you will need to be a part of Office Insider to use these features.

© 2017 Abhinav Sethi


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