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Office 365 for Business: Small Business Benefits

Updated on April 5, 2016

Moving business to cloud is the most difficult decision for small businesses and start-ups. They have a lot of concerns from security to investment. However, it is not as scary as it’s perceived and compared to benefits, it’s worth taking the risk. Microsoft also promotes this with its Office 365 suite with specific focus on collaborative work environment, which will be of great help to businesses. We have listed here few benefits of Office 365 for Business focusing on small business needs:

Cost: Though the software is subscription-based, but Office 365 for Business saves you from licensing cost your business would have to otherwise incur. Along with productivity applications, Microsoft offers SharePoint, Exchange, and Lync as goodies. Integration with cloud and online upgrades ensures your entire team utilizes same Office 365 features and functionalities irrespective of their time of joining. Also, it has flexible monthly billing option which is ideal for small businesses.

Anywhere, Anytime Accessibility: You can access your documents, business email and shared calendar, and contacts irrespective of the time, geographic location, and device. This makes your business mobile and lets you work remotely. This helps small business owners to respond important emails even when they are out of office or travelling.

Social: Office 365 for business comes with a social chat goodie called Lync. With Lync, businesses can be assured of an interactive experience with their employees as they can communicate, share information, collaborate it and coordinate efforts in real-time. Hence, businesses can save money without the cost of phone calls or having all the employees to physically travel to the base location.

Simpler Apps: You don’t need to learn sophisticated systems or complex technologies to work on it. Microsoft offers simple productivity apps and has been consistent in making them more and more user-friendly. Also, if your business is familiar with earlier versions of SharePoint, your employees will realize the ease of working on SharePoint Online for the improvements that are being made to create, store, manage, maintain, and share work.

Enhanced Control: OneDrive can be utilized as a personal library for versioning, storing, and organizing business documents. Also, Office 365 features an option to provide access permissions and password protects almost everything, which is another plus.

The pricing of Office 365 for business is comparatively expensive than the previous versions of Microsoft Office. However, it offers a complete business productivity system. After all, having domain-specific business email and shared calendar service, access to latest updated software, and 1 TB online storage space is worth the price.


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