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Onsite notifications for Facebook fan page admins

Updated on November 18, 2012

Most of the bloggers are very much familiar with Facebook fan pages. These Facebook fan pages help bloggers to promote their blogs and also drive some traffic to the blog. Most people love to add a Facebook like box in their blog or website. And they always keep an eye on their fan page notifications. In these days when we enter in our Facebook pages as an admin we saw notification in the form of a list. That list includes new likes, comments etc. This list of notification helps us to know what’s new is going on in the page. If you are busy in your other works it is hard to find the time to get engaged in your page. This new admin notification feature in Facebook fan pages has made the work easier for page admins. This feature is indeed a good way to keep abreast of your page’s condition. But recently Facebook has added a new feature in the fan pages. It is called ‘Onsite notification’. Now what’s new in the Onsite notification? Well, it will let you to see your fan pages notification from your profile. So you need not to go to your page admin panel to view the notifications.

How to enable onsite notification for your Facebook Fan page?

This feature is disabled by default. But you can enable it whenever you like and enjoy the advantages. So follow these steps to enable the onsite notification.

On the page find the option edit page and then go to Your settings. Here you will find the option you want. So enable the option “Send me a notification on Facebook when people post, like comment”. That’s it.

Now you will get a notification from your page into your profile. I think Facebook fan page owners will like it. People who are very much active in their pages will find it very easy to know about what’s going on the page. Personally I have enabled it in some of my pages. For your assistance I have added images. Follow these.

Caution while using Onsite notification

If your Facebook profile is very much popular and you get a lot of notifications every hour then you will find it hard to cope with Onsite notification. If you are already getting tons of notifications then some more notifications from the fan page can make your life difficult.

Hope you like the article about the Facebook fan page onsite notification feature.


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