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Onavo Will Boost Your Smartphone's Internet Performance, And Battery Boost Magic Will Rook You Out Of Money

Updated on September 7, 2012

I’m constantly using my phone, I should just go ahead and attach it to the palm of my hand. I use it for social networking, watching YouTube videos, sending emails, checking on my HubPages, and playing games. I honestly don’t have time to be on my laptop’s Internet, so stick to using it on my phone instead. But, with having a an all-in-one connective device, comes with prices: battery drainage and Internet usage. I’ve found one excellent app that helps control Internet usage, and one app that claims to help battery performance.


Onavo is an Internet boosting app for iPhone and Android that acts as a proxy server for your phone by compressing files and information from other Internet using apps before it gets to your phone. It’s a free app, which is extremely awesome (but the developers say it is free only for a limited time while they are launching it). According to Onavo’s website, “Onavo is an old phrase, first known to be used in the famous verse of the Old Testament: ‘Thou shalt shrinketh thy data, to save money when roaming. Onavo”, obviously the developers are having a little fun here, but it speaks to the point: this is a much needed app for anyone constantly using their Internet on their smartphones. This app has seriously reduced my Internet usage and my bank account is thanking me for downloading it. Click here to go to Onavo's website

Battery Boost Magic

Battery Boost Magic is a paid-for app (offering a free version) that is supposed to boost your battery. I downloaded the free version, and did not see much difference in my battery performance. I did some research and found that Apple does not let developers tinker with battery performance at all (there was also a jail-broken app that promised the same thing that proved to be false). Obviously, Apple would have already put out a software patch to help the battery performance of the 4S. The only thing it offers is a spreadsheet of how long you have (with your current battery life) to talk on the phone, or play a 3D game, or surf the internet. It also offers an FAQ of tips to help your battery life, which are provided not only by Apple itself, but also by many bloggers on the Internet, free of charge. I would not recommend buying this app.


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    • Gamerelated profile image

      Gamerelated 5 years ago from California

      Hello noosepaper, thank you for sharing this information. I do not use any apps that claim to improve battery life. These apps have to be run and in turn these apps themselves use up some of your battery. In Android there is a sub menu in the settings called battery use. I look there to see what is eating up my battery and I adjust accordingly.

      As far as proxy servers go they can help you save on data. There are also browsers like Opera that will process information and send you the digested information. This is suppose to make browsing on the internet faster and it is suppose to save you data as well. Good work.

    • noosepaper profile image

      Caitlin Morrow 5 years ago from Birmingham, AL

      You're very welcome! I want to spread any kind of information I have to help others in choosing things to buy

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 5 years ago from the short journey

      Thanks for the helpful info and reviews on these two apps!