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One Bomb that can destroy all the electronic items in the world – E-Bomb or EMP

Updated on January 20, 2013

Nightmare of Electronic Equipments

Can a bomb destroy all our electronic items? Is such a bomb a reality? Can this bomb cause power outages for years? Can this bomb cause an entire city or state or a country to go out of electricity? Do many countries have this bomb? Can this bomb cause catastrophe?

The answer for all the above questions is ‘YES’. Yes, you heard it right; the answer is ‘YES’. The bomb is called E-Bomb – ElectroMagnetic bomb. This bomb can end all most all the electric, electronic and telecommunications goods/networks in the world – resulting in no electricity, no computer, no internet, no phone, no TV, no Treadmill, no air conditioner, no heater, no ATMs, no office, no fridge, no transportation, no generators, no cars and so on.

What is this E-Bomb?

An E-Bomb or electronicmagnetic bomb, is a bomb designed to destroy all the electrics and electronics. Apart from cutting the power, this bomb would destroy almost all the equipment and machines that uses electricity. One big bomb is good enough to put an entire region back by several centuries. These weapons are well known as EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) weapons.

Is this a newly invented bomb?

The existence of EMP is known for decades, since the earliest days of nuclear weapons testing in 1940s and 1950s. However, the magnitude and the significance of its effects were not realized for some time until 1960s. The larger scientific community became aware of the effects of the EMP weapons in 1980s.

How does this bomb destroy all of electrics, electronics and telecommunications?

A big enough current can fry thesemiconductor components in the electronic goods (such as cell phone), disintegrating it beyond repair. The E-bombs produce intense fluctuating electro magnetic pulses that can induce a massive current in almost any electrically conductive object (such as electric lines, telephone lines, metal pipes). These objects, acting as unintentional antennas, would pass the current spike on to the electrical components down the line (such as, a network of computers hooked up to phone lines), result in component burn outs. Most of times, the current would be big enough surge that it could burn out the semiconductor devices, fry batteries, melt wiring and even explode transformers.

Can one bomb destroy all the Electric and electronic items in a country?

Yes. However, for one bomb to produce such a catastrophic, the bomb needs large amount of power, which is possible through nuclear energy. Nuclear EMP attacks can cause destructions of this big magnitude.

Image courtesy of Victor Habbick /
Image courtesy of Victor Habbick /

Will the EMP attack affect military force also?

Even the military forces are also highly vulnerable to EMP attack. A widespread EMP attack in any country would definitely compromise its military's ability to organize itself. The troops might have to switch to non-electric weapons like pistols and machine guns, but they wouldn't have the equipment to plan an attack or locate the enemy. In other words, an EMP attack could result into a guerrilla-type army and attack.

Is this just a theory or has any country tried this?

Some countries like United States, Soviet Union have tried this.

United States – Starfish Prime Test (Operation Fishbowl): In July 1962, Unites States did a nuclear test in space, 250 miles (400 kilometers) above the mid-Pacific Ocean, called the Starfish Prime test. The magnitude and the effects of this high-altitude nuclear explosion were much larger than the previous calculations made by the nuclear Scientists. Hawaii, which was about 898 Miles (1,445 kilometers) away from the detonation point, felt the impact – many electric, electronic and telecommunication items were damaged. Note that this was just a test bomb, and some countries have bombs of bigger magnitude than this.

The Soviet Union, as a part of ‘The K Project’, also performed a series of three EMP-producing nuclear tests in space over Kazakhstan, in 1962.

There are also several Non-nuclear EMP Weapons. But the magnitude of these EMP is smaller than the nuclear EMP Weapons. However, Nations usually keep their most recent work on non-nuclear EMP highly classified until the technology becomes old enough for similar ideas to be conceived by physicists in other nations.


A full-scale EMP attack in a developed country would instantly bring modern life to a screeching end. Many people could survive this attack, but they would find themselves in a very different world.


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    • profile image

      Xue 6 months ago

      I wish I live in world like you see in ancient Chinese Historical drama. Before gun or any technical exist. I not own any Tech now even. Not microwave, fridge, tv, or e'ethical wire in wall, not even light. Because I hate tech, to me is not better than a desease. I use friend co

    • profile image

      Ogden 12 months ago

      Yes hooomans, i will soon make it happen

    • profile image

      TruthTeller 2 years ago

      I agree with you as well,however you will find most humans will have a difficult time adapting(which is sad)especially kids.

    • profile image

      unchained 3 years ago

      I agree with you, dreamer. I hope somebody does this asap. The society is pretty much screwed up already, and I believe this would help us all, we all need a fresh start,we need to bond with nature. We are slaves of the system. There is nothing left to lose,activating the bomb would only help us tho

    • profile image

      dreamer 4 years ago

      don't you wish to destroy all electricity forever ? look what it brought us - only stress, stress and stress, unhealthy environment, crap food ... I want to live in a natural healthy world where people are respecting nature and using what nature offers, not killing nature to build more roads, factories, transmitters etc. I don't want to see animals killed by products of modern world! Our society is SO GROSS ! I don't want to live like we do. Lets get back to natural way of life ... I only wish some gigantic emp would go off right now and this techno nightmare would end. I guess I can sooner kill myself than hope this would ever happen