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A Great Meme For Social Media Engagement

Updated on April 11, 2018

If you're like me, you have a few social media accounts. If you're also like me, the amount of human interaction you glean from having those accounts is on the low to nil end of the scale.

That being said, I recently came across a meme in Facebook and decided it would be interesting to repost it and see who was creative based on what it asked. It's been a few days now, and people from my past are still posting fun and entertaining comments.

So if you're looking to hear from some old friends and acquaintances via social media, steal the following photo, post it, and sit back and watch the interaction ensue.

Interaction Summary

While only twenty-one people actually 'liked' the post, the comments section of this meme generated 156 responses over a two-day span. And it's not really slowing down.

Family comments on the posts of other family, friends who you know don't know each other sound like old best friends. There are songs from various generations and ways of looking at them that completely changes what the artist was actually trying to say that makes it completely hilarious.

Some Creative Examples

Some creative examples from the post were:

- What if Bob Seger didn’t turn the page?

- What if Hall & Oates really could go for that?

- The Beatles, what of they didn't want to hold your hand?

- What if 2Live Crew wasn’t so horny and hadn’t loved you long time?

- What if Tom Petty really did want you to do him like that?

- What if Cyndi Lauper didn't want girls to have fun?

- What if Whitney Houston didn't want to dance with somebody who loved her?

- What if Sir Mixalot lied about liking big butts?!?

- What if Billy Joel wasn't an Innocent Man?

- What if JT didn’t bring sexy back?

- What if Van Halen didn’t ‘Jump’?

- What if Twisted Sister was willing to Take It?

- What if ACDC didn't get shook all night long?

- What if Rob Base was wrong and it takes more than two to make a thing go right?

- What if Salt-N-Pepa didn't push it?

- Or if En Vogue did let go?

- What if they'd called Metallica Forgiven? Or the Sandman actually Exited? Or if something else matters?

- What if it was Shaggy?

- What if the devil didn’t go down to Georgia?

- What if we DID forget about simple minds?

- What if Rick Astley gave you up?

- What if Francis Scott key couldn't see that our flag was still there?

- What if love didn't keep the Captain and Tennile together. Or if he didn't do that to her one more time?

- What if Tommy Tutone called Jenny & her number wasn’t 867-5309

- What if KISS didn't want to rock and roll all night?

- What if Tony Orlando only knocked twice on the ceiling?

- What if Toto didn't bless the Rains Down in Africa?

- What if a flock of seagulls didn’t run so far away?

- What if ac/dc didn’t do dirty deeds cheaply?

- What if Cher COULD turn back time and "find a way"?

- What if Huey Lewis already had a new drug?

- What if Bruce Springsteen was not born in the USA but Canada or Mexico?

- What if the Eagles didn’t take it to the limit but instead they just stopped when they were tired?

- What if Midnight Oil slept while their Beds were Burning?

- What if Marvin Gaye never heard it through the grapevine?

- What if we DID start the fire?? !!!!

- What if Jackson Browne wasn't running on empty? How far would he have gone?

- Perhaps Foreigner never wanted to know what love is, or have anyone show them.

- What if Billie Jean really was MJ's lover?

- What if she didn't buy a Stairway to Heaven? What was she going to spend money on?

- What if the Doobie Brothers didn't take it to the streets? Where the heck were they taking it then?

- What if they were the Sultans of Dubstep? What would guitar George even do?

- What if Fats Domino never found his thrill on Blueberry Hill?

- What if someone had stepped on Elvis's bluesuade shoes?

- What if the Proud Mary didn't keep on burnin?

- What if it wasn’t a nice day for a white wedding?

- What if Olivia Newton John wanted to get mental instead of physical?

- What if George Thorogood drank with everyone?

- What if the love shack wasn’t set way back in the middle of a field?

- What if Queen came in 2nd place?

- What if Jermaine Stewart really does have to take his clothes off to have a good time?

- What if America did ride through a desert on a horse that had a real name?

- What if REM found religion?

- What if Kenny Loggins played it safe an didn’t take the highway to the danger zone?

- What if meat loaf thought 2 out of 3 was bad? What if Meatloaf would do that?

- What would have happened if vanilla ice never collaborated and listened?

- What if Kenny Rogers didn’t know when to hold’em, fold ‘em, know when to walk away or when to run and counted his money while sitting at the table?

- What if Rick Springfield didn’t wish he had Jesse’s girl?

- What if momma's really did let their babies grow up to be cowboys?

- What if video DIDN'T kill the radio star?

- What if Starship never built this city on rock and roll?

The Best of the Best

Some of the posts were just really well thought out though. Here are the ones I would have put in the top-five:

5.) What if Lionel Richie couldn't dance All Night Long? Friend Comeback - At least he could still Dance on the Ceiling!

4.) What if Nine Inch Nails really didn't want to f*** you like and animal? Creative, and then I noticed it was my Mom that posted that one. Facepalm.

3.) What of Journey stopped believing?

2.) Wait, we ARE NOT the world?

1.) What if Bob Marley Shot the Sheriff AND the deputy?

Which is your favorite?

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School Billboard

My friend said they added this at their school today!
My friend said they added this at their school today!

What's Missing?

So what good ones are missing? What do you have that should be on the list? Or which one is your favorite that people have already come up with? Let us know in the poll or in the comments section.


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